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May 12th is International Fibro Awareness Day! Can You Help Raise Awareness?


Sunday May 12th is International Fibro Awareness Day

To celebrate the Awareness Day, FibroAction are making available to everyone the posters and flyers we supply to doctors, groups and clinics. If you would like a pack of A4 posters and A5 flyers to put up in your local area, email FibroAction on

Come Dine With FibroAction

This year we are asking our supporters to Come Dine With FibroAction and raise funds whilst having fun with friends.

We are asking our supporters to host Dinner4Good events over the International Awareness Day Weekend of 10-12 May 2013.

Put your cooking to the test (or order takeout if you prefer!) and invite your friends round for a fundraising dinner in your own own. It's easy with Dinner4Good. For more information, see

Online auctions and sales will be running during the week leading up to the Awareness Day for you and your guests to take part in. Even if you can't host a Dinner4Good event, you can take part in the auctions.

Raise funds by having a Pyjama Day!

A brilliant idea being proposed by a few Facebook campaigners is to make May 12th a sponsored Pyjama Day to raise funds for Fibro and ME/CFS charities. So many people with Fibro or ME/CFS (which shares the awareness day) suffer from fatigue and mobility problems that a Pyjama Day seems particularly fitting!

If you're fundraising for FibroAction, we can send you out a fundraising pack with a t-shirt, flyers, sponsorship forms and details of online fundraising. Email us at with details.

Are you on Twitter?

Let's see if we could get #fibroawarenessday trending! Just make sure to tweet lots in the week that ends May 12th using the hashtag #fibroawarenessday.

For more ideas of how to help raise awareness, see the page below

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Hi Lindsay. So far I have persuaded two shops, a hat shop and a vintage clothes shop, to dress their windows in purple and put in some purple balloons and posters and also a helth food/herbal shop to put up some balloons and a poster along with suggestions from his own research into antiinflammatory preperations and slep preparations. I wuod love the posters and flyers and aanything els, including a t shirt, that I can use. I am trying to think of a quick and easy fundraiser,,,,,,shall I pm you my address. I have a lot of experience in fundraising going back forty years!!!!

LindseyMid in reply to spidey

Hi spidey

If you can email to get a fundraisers pack, that would be great, thanks.

spidey in reply to LindseyMid

Thankyou. x

I wil be having a stall to sell my crafts on the 6th on May in a community centre please send me posters etc. to put up by my stall also to give out to local shops and in Chichester town centre shall I PM my address ???

LindseyMid in reply to madmaria

Please email and mark it Urgent.

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