Wristbands now available!

[Copied from the FibroAction Blog as I know some of you don't check that :)]

I am so happy to announce that we (finally) have awareness wristbands available to buy on the FibroAction website!


We ran a poll on here a while back asking if people would be interested and, if so, which colour did they think we should choose. Because there is sometimes confusion between the International Awareness Colour for Fibro of purple and the yellow & black used in the UK by some Fibro organisations (including FibroAction in the past), we have produced a wristband set, with one wristband in purple and one in yellow & black. Wear them both. Wear your favourite. Mix and match. You'll be raising awareness whichever you do!

We hope to get a better picture up of the wristbands shortly. :)

12 Replies

  • just ordered mine :)

  • LIKE button needed !! :)

  • Goody goody! x

  • Thank you. Yes like button needed.

  • Ordered mine xxx thanks for letting us know as I rarely go on website xxx I just stick to my friends on here xxxx

  • I'm ordering 4! Thanks xx

  • Thank You all for supporting FibroAction and helping to raise awareness :)

  • ordering both as soon as ;-) great stuff xx Tina

  • Brilliant xx ty

  • ordered mine :) thank you

  • Me too, think it's a great idea

  • Yes!! And what have I just done???? Talk about stupid?? I've ordered 3 sets!!! I can't believe how STUPID I am!! I hope you get my email guys, asking you to forgive my stupidity and cancel 2 of the orders so that I only get and pay for 1 set!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! XX

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