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You asked for them, well here they are - Fibro Awareness Wristbands!

I am so happy to announce that we (finally) have awareness wristbands available to buy on the FibroAction website!

We ran a poll on here a while back asking if people would be interested and, if so, which colour did they think we should choose. Because there is sometimes confusion between the International Awareness Colour for Fibro of purple and the yellow & black used in the UK by some Fibro organisations (including FibroAction in the past), we have produced a wristband set, with one wristband in purple and one in yellow & black. Wear them both. Wear your favourite. Mix and match. You'll be raising awareness whichever you do!

We hope to get a better picture up of the wristbands shortly. :)

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Just brought a purple one.


Think it was purple not sure now. I will be happy with any really.


Hi 1961-1951,

The awareness wristbands come in a set of 2, one purple & one yellow so you would have bought both you can mix 'n' match or keep one & give one to a friend.

It's up to you ! :)

Thank You for supporting FibroAction & helping to raise awareness too



Just purchased set,many thanx


Just got myself one.....I am starting a pain managemnet course on 9th May and will seek some more fibro sufferers...x


I have not received my wristbands yet?Does anybody know how long they take to come?


Bought in March and not seen in April - so where is my order? Very odd.


just ordered mine just waiting for them to arrive jo :)


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