Is this a fibro thing??

I have pain in my feet most days but recently my feet have started going a purple/blue/red colour and when pressed the skin stays white for a good few seconds before going back to the funny colours!

My doctor said it was just bad circulation so just wondered if anybody knew if this could be a fibro thing as my mum thinks im a bit young to have bad circulation, I am 26


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  • Don't know if this is specific to fibro.

    I have had water retention this past year, the skin stays white for a while when pressed then, my circulation was bad too.

    You are very young. Did your doctor do any checks, blood tests or prescribe water tablets and exercises/massage to help circulation. If they have not then please go back and ask for help to improve it as it is very important to keep. Hugs xx

  • water retention is what i thought it could be and a couple of people said the same thing but my doctor dismissed this. to be fair he is rubbish, he didnt even look at my feet or make any suggestions at all other than stop smoking which i know i need to do anyway and literally anything you see this doctor about his answer is always the same - stop smoking! i think if i went with an ear infection he would blame smoking!

    i think i will have to go back and see a different doctors


  • Yup It is the smoking that causes all ailments ha. Def a new doctor needed.

    I give up smoking in the next week (as soon as my bacci runs out) Hope I have the strength to stay off. Smoked since before I was 10, not sure if I know how to breath without smoking too :)

    Hope you get some relief soon xx

  • It certainly sounds like a poor circulation issue to me. I too suffer from the same condition. I find it helpful to keep my feet warm (always wear fluffy sleep socks when at home ;-)) and I elevate my feet as much as possible whenever I take a break or when watching TV etc...There are some vibrating gadgets that can be bought from any good chemists or online that claim to help improve circulation as well as herbal supplements available. Ask for some advice from your practice nurse if you don't want to trouble your GP again.

    Take care. Jane x

  • my feet do this more red purple than blue. what happens if you stand barefoot on a cold floor?

    regards, sandra.

  • care how u use vibrating gadgets i hav a f and they affect my heart beat.

  • Ohh Petal you naughty girl. I too have some vibrating gadgets that make my heart race, never tried using them on my feet though ;-)

    Julie xx

  • Nice one!!!!!!!!!

    Sharon xxx

  • For sure. You can have all sorts of fun getting your circulation going :)

  • I want some!

  • LOL :-)

  • LMAO Julie :)

    There are 2 things that spring to mind that make those dicolourations happen... Reynauds Syndrome/Disease (2 permutations of same symptoms) - can be caused by circualtion, but also precipitated by stress.

    The other is CPRS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrom) - but this would mean you pain for that condition was exclusively in one area.

    Admins - is it okay to have posted this info? Don't want to be overstepping any lines xxx

    Gentle hugs to all

    Spirit x x x

  • thats what i thought, i have these syptoms and was diagnosed with reynauds syndrome.

    In answer to the original question, your never too young to have bad circulation, i've always had it.



  • That's absolutely fine Spirit! You're not attempting to make a diagnosis over the internet, just suggesting things to look up that sprang to mind for you. :)

  • I agree on the Raynaud's theory - it's a vasospastic condition, so usually occurs when there is a temperature change, and the blood vessels go into spasm, which causes the odd colours as your tissues are initially starved of oxygenated blood, and then pumped full of it. Your actual circulation can be fine - your arteries etc. - but the tissue perfusion (through the very small vessels) is affected, and it usually affects feet, hands, ears and the nose - all of the extremities - but may be present in only a few of these sites. One of the best ways of helping is to try to keep at a constant temperature, but try this site - we give it to patients sometimes - to see if your symptoms match, and any ideas for self-help ...

    Sara xx

  • This certainly sounds like a circulatory problem, which is unusual at such a young age.

    I'm going to be boring, now and agree with your doctor ... you really MUST stop smoking!

    Many people don't realise that every time they have a drag on a fag, the arteries in the legs and feet close up measurably, reducing blood supply to the tissues. Add to this the lack of mobility caused by fibro, and you could really have trouble.

    I'm sorry to sound bossy, but if you change doctors, they will all tell you the same ... 'cos it's true!

    I hope that you think carefully about this, and that you will soon feel better.

    Love and hugs ... Moffy x

  • If you're not happy with your doctor, you can always get a second opinion and this may be a good idea. Poor circulation isn't caused by Fibro but can be worsened by it because of inactivity, poor quality sleep, etc.

    Though as moffy says, if there's an easy possible solution, all GPs will want you to rule that out by removing the cause if possible first!

    Has your GP offered referrals to smoking cessations clinics? Most areas have these. GPs that tell patients to get something done without offering help and solutions always bug me -the number of people with Fibro I've spoken to over the years whose doctor has told them to lose weight, but hasn't suggested physio, gym referrals, hydrotherapy, dietician or anything helpful!

  • Hi

    Im not a doctor, and i cant spell. Please web search for Raynes disease and see if it fits your condition. So many of us are told to go away and just get on with it or wrongly diagnosed.

    Kind thoughts :) NN

  • Hi

    Im not a doctor, and i cant spell. Please web search for Raynes disease and see if it fits your condition. So many of us are told to go away and just get on with it or wrongly diagnosed.

    Kind thoughts :) NN

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