Hi all I have mentioned before that I get muscle spasms and pain in my ribs and chest wall,I have had this particular flare up for 3 wks now its as if the pain us circulating on the left side behind my breast,today is the worst I am in tears the spasms are so painful I am at work and can't hide it this time what do I do??? My tramacet eases it but today it's bad,do I need diazepam? A very weepy tearful me!xxx

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  • It might be a good idea to get some Diazepam from your GP - it's very good for muscle spasm.

    You will also need to rest. I'm all for getting on with it, but if you have severe pain, it will get better much more quickly if you rest and relax.

    Hope you're better soon!

    Moffy x

  • Thank you Moffy,I did rest yesterday but as soon as I've started moving and rushing about boy do I know about it!!xxx

  • Diazepam helps , warm baths that's all I can recommend , breathe into your tummy more than your chest , that helped me when I had same . Bless you BIG HUG ,, sorry gentle hug don't want to squeeze x x

  • Thank you so much,hugs back xxx

  • Chostochondritis. Is one of the worst fibro symptoms in my book.. It can mimic a heart attack... I hope you have had that ruled out and a diagnosis of chostochondritis given... It's inflammation of the ligaments that hold the ribs to the sternum and spine... So I am not sure diazepam would help ...

    I find anti inflammatories a hot pack and then lie down doing as little as possible is the only thing that helps... The more you have to move the more you have to breathe and the more your ligaments have to stretch... You really shouldn't be at work as this will aggravate you more... Total rest and time with the right meds will help... But don't take anti inflammatories and then carry on... You will just make it worse and the condition could then become chronic and almost constant .... And here I am speaking from experience I have had this 23 years and I didn't rest in the early days just took painkillers that worked and carried on and now I have it to some degree daily.... So please take care of yourself and get some rest

    VG x

  • Thanks VG I had it like this about 2 years ago and had to be signed off work for 2 weeks I wasn't diagnosed with fibro then! You are right it is one of the worst symptoms so incredibly painful drs previously assumed it was being asthmatic that caused it,but no it is our lovely friend fibromyalgia!!! I can't take anti inflamatories,i have heat packs and wheatbags and the ever faithful hot water bottle! Thanks for reply,much love xxx

  • Hi VG , I didn't know that , I wonder if that's what I get. My GP just gives me painkillers and doesn't look at me or anything. He did pick up on the hypomobility .

    I'm still waiting for an appointment to go to the pain clinic from back in February . I suffer and don't get any advise other than from you guys on here an books . I'd like to look for a specialist and try get an appointment from one somewhere in the area perhaps that works through nHS . I couldn't work with this Chostochondritis , if that's what it is. It was so bad all the upper half of my body had a bruised feeling and the worst of it was around the middle of my chest . Iif i moved it felt like it just gripped me more and i couldnt breathe.

    I did think I had a heart attack or something When i very first exsperienced it, ended up in hospital but they didn't seem interested in the pain I was in just what my heart was doing. Oh it's awful ,, if you get this all time my sympathies ., sympathies to the lady who is getting the same, poor darling .

    How did you get this diagnosed Very grumpy,, ?

    sounds likd you have a ok dictor.

    My GP just says its fibro and that's it., Im learning sll time.

    No painkillers really made a difference Fir this upper chest and rib pain i had . warm baths did seem to give sime momentary relief although when it was at its worst i was crippled and coukdnt move hardly .

    Although diazepam did help with other muscular pain that I have had . How we suffer eh,, x

  • I went to the GP with this 23 years ago it started when I wrenched my chest playing tennis ... But it never healed .. Within weeks my GP who was newly qualified back then did the pressure point test for fibro I had them all.... I had blood tests and he said it was fibro .. I had physio for my chest help.. So I had painkillers and not knowing any better I just carried on working through it and not resting so now I can't bear my ribs to be touched and I have the pain to some degree every day though mostly its mild and bearable sometimes it flares like Dellas and it hurts to breathe so I just spend the day tucked up with a hot pack and a good book not moving much..

    I really hope you don't get diagnosed with it too,,,, but if you do on bad days .. Take pain meds and rest ... Don't push yourself like i did or you may make it permenant..

    VG x

  • I posted this the other day im asthmatic and there are alternatives to anti inflammatories. I get mild version of this. Boots do spray and cream like deep heat but without the anti inflams.xx

  • Thankyou,will have a look in my local Boots,still very sore this morning hurts so much to cough! Bleurgh! xxx

  • They are in red containers same as deep heat but with boots logo. Bigger stores defo stock it. Or if you dont want to go out they do have online shopping? Yep know that feeling. Found my asthma has been bad last few months, think its due to weather. I go bed by 6/7 because cant stick sitting up any longer. Scary when you get these attacks. Glad I read this post was becoming convinced I had heart problems, have high bp through stress.xx

  • Is very stressful indeed! Definitely the weather my asthma hasn't been good,keeping me awake etc etc,Take care hope we are less breathless and wheezy soon! xxx

  • hi della hope you feel better soon take care

    love beth x

  • Hi Della

    I have been suffering from the same thing on and off for a while so my Dr has sent me for a chest x-ray (which is tomorrow) just to make sure that it is Fibro any nothing else. I can sympathise with you as it is really horrible and it makes me really tearful too. I haven't found anything that has got rid of it as yet but Dr did not offer me Diazepam and I didn't ask! Hope you feel better soon x

  • Off to Drs can't take the pain anymore! xxx

  • Hope you get on OK, please let us know if he prescribed anything for you.

    Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth big deep breaths, hope you feel better, try and relax, believe me I know it's hard

    Hugs x

  • Hi thank you so much for all your kindness I have been prescribed Oramorph and an anti inflammatory that should be ok for me being asthmatic I have to go back on Thurs and if no better a chest xray,I was so tearful the Dr was lovely it wasn't my gp I saw as I had an emergency appointment I am off to lie down and rest,gosh if you had seen me trying to get my tights on today,what a kerfuffle! Thanks for my hug xxx

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