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My Bobit came to stay for the night and to play till lunch time phew well------------

having played with bricks and blown bubbles and colour pictures - more on the hands less on the picture. Danced when ever possible that was her not me she went home with a sleepy smile on her face. I retreated to my chair unable to move back screaming Was it worth it of course it was. I loved every minute :) you all new I would and to think I nearly said no to having her over - I would have missed all those smiles - she has glorious dimples and wrinkles her nose at you when she thinks its funny!

Today a rest day she is back tomorrow but only for the morning :) xgins

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Best thing in the world .. Grandchildren... You can give them back.... Stares at the back of a 6ft uncommunacative 16 year old with long dyed black hair and remembers fondly those days of cuddles and hugs ... And screaming and having a tantrum in the banana stand in a local supermarket... Losing him when he came out of nursery.....

Yours reminiscing

VG xx


agree to the occasional hand to bum therapy....however I had an eeeeeeeeeeehhh tone that I used with all my children ( now 25, 27 and 30) coz I use the same tone with dog (2) and cat (1) and my new hubby (of 2yrs ) so my kids tell me....if I could bottle this tone and give it to new parents apparently I would be very rich when is dragons den on?


I totaly agree to remove treats or pack away toys untill they recover them selves hand to bum well shouldnt need to I think the naughty step or chair works well it is a recovery of the dunce in the corner. But it is marvelous to leave the teaching of such things to the next generation after all we didnt do so badly with our children ? So I am sure they will do well with their children :) xgins


I reserve the right to be the 'Granny from Hell! :D

I'm sure my spoiled little grandbaby will soon teach her parents how to manage - that's how I learned to be a parent - from my own children!


sounds gr8 fun :)


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