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Well I got it, the form to see if I am fit for work.


What do I put to that?

I don't know who is going to employ some one who

drops things

forgets everything

cannot walk five steps without being in pain

has to use a stick for balance but still falls over

swells up anywhere without any warning

cry at the drop of a hat

cannot feel her fingers or toes

has migraines every other day

falls asleep when she sits down but cannot sleep in bed and always feels tired.

has to have someone pull her out of a chair, washer hair, help her dress and on really bad days wipe her bum,

Thats just the tip of the iceberg!

Would you employ me?

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Of course not ..... Fill the form in as if it was you very worst day don't say anything positive and if they send for you to interveiw you phone them or even better get someone on your behalf to phone them as you have difficulty holding a phone :) and ask them to come to asses you as you are practically housebound. Be as awkward and uncompromising as they are. Can,t guarantee it will work but if they assess you as fit for work after all that throw in an appeal you will have to wait months and should still ge paid as normal ( if I read everything correctly) And many appeals work out favourably

Good luck xx

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Thanks I have just had all this with the DLA and had to go to tribunal I was lucky and I did get it reinstated after a struggle. It's the stress it causes, which then causes the flare ups which then makes me depressed it is so easy to just give in, yet when it is someone else I say to them fight it all the way.

I will take my time filling in the form, I will ask my GP for a letter and keep my fingers crossed but my heart is not hopeful.

I agree!! Evil edna (my hubby calls me that) lol humorous.

Back to the thread!!

Yes your worst day !

Ie mine last friday was nearing close to Ambulance! If not for the support i have at home.

Co fined to bed all day barely able to walk to loo for the severe pain to hands, feet and neck!!

But they may go into such detail exactly where etc.

These days are so un invited and what can you do. But even half decent days are rough!!

Good luck . Definately use worst days .. Huggles xxx

you must appeal if they say you are fit to work and you aren't. i have been waiting a year for my appeal which is next week ,yes i am not looking forward to it but i deem it as a must ,hopefully at least they will let me explain things as at the atos medical i was told ,just answer yes or no,you don't need to emphasise,which was ridiculous,they write a load of c**p about you anyway,you may as well not be in the same room,so go down the appeal process ,it will be the right thing to do x

I was declared fit to work at my first ATOS work capability assessment and I appealed, but I wasn't advised to represent myself so the ATOS assessment was taken as gospel and denied. As this whole process had taken over 6 months I was allowed to claim again, but this by this time I had been issued with a wheelchair as my symptoms were so bad, so rather than attend my usual medical assessment centre, they paid for a taxi to take me on a £220 round trip to an assessment centre in Worcester as it was wheelchair accessable and my local centre is not. I was also having a bad time and my symptoms were very evident. This assessment passed without a problem and I was granted ESA in the work focussed group. The stress of the whole situation was horrific and I am sure it is what made my symptoms worse. There is a website called atosvictimsgroup.co.uk which has far more terrible stories. If you do have an appeal, do go and represent yourself and if needs be contact an independent Advocacy service, which are usually free of charge and will help you at tribunal. Good luck!

Ask admin to email the benefitsandwork help sheet; it is basically the ESA mark scheme (just like a nasty school exam lol) and follow it carefully ... it will ensure you are making your points in the right place so that you will pick up the relevant marks - and with any luck you will only need one reconsideration not a full blown appeal!!!!

Julie xx

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That sounds good who do I ask for the help sheet?

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Hope this is what you are referring to, if not please let me know and I will ask Lindsey to send you the info. :)




If you register on the site, it provides much more information. :)

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Thanks LibbyDe,

that has helped me so much.


Sorry to be so stupid, but must ask. Whats does ATOS stand for? You can see I haven't got to that road yet!! X

Atos Healthcare is a private company that is doing all the assessments for the government, for benefits such as Limited capability for work.

I receive Incapacity Benefit at the moment but that is stopping so I have to go through all the hype to see if I am fit for work and these are the people that do the assessments, before you can receive the benefit that is replacing it, or not which seems to be more like it!

Sorry I am going off on one again...

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