Has anybody tried accupuncture to help with fibro?

Hi all, I have just found this site today, and how interesting it is to read all the posts and questions etc. I woke up 2 years ago in excrutiating pain, no warning, so bug or trauma first, the pain just hit me! I have been diagnosed with fibro, but have tried many medications from the docs, had one doctor tell me to go away as it was all in my head and go and have spiritual healing! I am fed up of trying different medications and all the side effects that go with them, so wondering if anybody has tried the alternative therapies like accupuncture etc? I am finding it harder and harder to cope, I work in a school with very young children and I am a single mum to 3 lively, busy boys. Just finding things harder and harder to deal with and at the stage where I will try anything for some relief. Thanks for reading, take care everyone x

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  • hi i have not had it and welcome to the site by the way but i know there are a couple of members on here that have if you go on the tags link you will see it if you click on it you will pob get the answers you need good luck love to you diddle x

  • i had some via the pain clinic at the hosp a few years ago now. they even trained my OH and supplied the needles, but only for use in my neck. It didnt have much effect on the rest of my body but it did release all the tight muscles in my neck and enabled me to move it more. …. it was a long while ago and i could do with some more now! xxx

  • l had some about 5 yrs ago,via the pain clinic,it didn't personally suit me as the first treatment left me going home and sleeping for 28 hrs.l then had the amount of needles reduced by half for 6 weeks ----but l felt no benefit.so you now have 2 opinions----try it u have nothing to lose.good luck

  • Hi,

    I did have Acupunture, but it did not help me with FB, I think it is one of them treatments that work for some and not others. I will say the person who I had was very negative really about all my conditions, so that didnt help.

    I will try again, my Daughter-in-Law is Cantonese, and has said try again its does work on so many aliments, so I will have another go.

    You can only try.

    ttfn Lynfran xx

  • Hiya, i had accupuncture via a pain clinic, alas it didnt suit me, but other people have been sucsessfull with us all being diffrent you should give it a go, as Diddle said go to the tags, they are a great way to find out things, take care..Mary.

  • Hello, I had it for an agonizing lower back pain two years ago and had fantastic results. Nothing seemed to be happening for a while then I suddenly realized that the pain was gone. I must add that at the time I was using a walking stick which I havent needed since. I don`t know about fm in general but for specific pain I wouldn`t hesitate to have it again. Anyway nothing ventured nothing gained ! hope you feel better soon, lizzy xx

  • hi im new by cuple of days to, iv had acupuncture a cuple of times before i was diagnosed with fibro for the pain in my lower body, i was very sceptical but i went i had needles in my back hips feet, as most of my pain is back, knees, hips areas. icudnt believe it when i got up after having it done on a complete and utter high. from what people have said like smokeing weed. i went had 6 sessions felt great for a while. but the come down is horrible and the pain seemed worse. also when it starts working you start feeling the needles more by the time i got the second lot couple of months later even the needles were very painful. the acupuncture what ever does is in it self brilliant wee bit of pain for sum gain. i would do it again

  • Thanks for all the replies, all the advice is very helpful, I have my first accupuncture session tomorrow. Pretty nervous about it, but anything is worth a try. Hope you are all well xx

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