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Fibro warriors of Scarborough *North Yorkshire*

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Hi guys hope everyone is as pain free as possible. Just to send a few feelers out there wondering if there's anyone from around Scarborough who has fibro and is interested in a friends meet up kinda thing. I think it would help those of us in Scarborough with, fibro being able to meet up and discuss things about it share tips that kinda stuff. If not i'm sorry to have bothered anyone.

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Just a wee reminder to be mindful about sharing any personal information on the forum, and if anyone is planning on meeting up please make sure that it's in a public place. xx

Hi guinea .you can maybe ask docs or physiotherapy if any chronic pain or LIFESTYLE MANAGEMENT courses and to put name down you usually get people in similar conditions and fybromyligia patients are usually on them .and you get tips afterwards and add ons at end if anything available.

I love your Snoopy pic and phrase. He’s my hero.

Sorry I can’t meet you I’m in the USA 🇺🇸. Best wishes on making fibro get together friends.


Hi GuineaCat82, if you look on our main site FMAUK, there is a list of support groups and there is one in North Yorkshire. I don't know exactly where it is but may be worth looking into to see if it is close by. I've put link to the page below to help you along. x

I'm not living near you or I would've, it's a great idea.

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