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T o my delight a small visitor in the shape of Isla my grandaughter arrived for a sleep over

All ready in her pjs tip toe ing around in the kitchen talking to my dogs a charming sight. THen up to bed and not a murmer till 5.00 when a gentle cry which fell silent. I am now waiting for the seven oclock cry when she will get up :)

I am so pleased she stayed it was something I feared I could not do with my silly back and legs but now I know it is alright she will be coming again :)

I just thought it might make some of you smile Have a good day I am off to play :) xgins

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Awww, Gins, that's lovely. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Have a nice day.



Please don't get wedged in the swing again ..... :D

VG xxx


So happy for you, I love having my grandson over but I'm going to have to stay away from him at the moment have woken up with conjunctivitis its painful enough for an aducl it would be hell for a22 month old baby, sorry for any spelling mistakes but can't see to well, have a loerly toime with you loverly granddaughter. Siithy


Although I love my husband and 3 sons dearly my .18month old grand-daughter is the light of my life! She loves me unconditionally and accepts I am slower on my feet and can't run about etc. I would swear she knows how ill I am as she is so well behaved and careful around me, better than any morphine!!


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