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Have any of you noticed a decline in your eyesight since having Fibro. It is so easy to put everything down to this condition, but recently my vision has become very blurred and the words jump around on the page when I am reading.

Also my eyes are very watery.

Just wondered if this is a recognised symptom and anyone has any advice. I have tried eyedrops for tired eyes (thinking it may be lack of sleep), but that hasn't worked.

It's like having Fibrofog in my eyes!

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my sight has fluctuated from improving to getting worse. I have just collected my new prescription and when I was chatting to the supervisor, she mentioned FMS can affect the sight in her opinion but I didn't ask if there was any research on it. I am due to go in again next week so I will try to remember to ask if the fibrofog doesn't get me.




My eyes are always watering xx


Some say Fibro can cause your eyesight to change some disagree I only know ...mine did I have had them checked they are perfectly healthy but I need glasses now when I didnt before .. I do get blurry vision occasionally but that's due to my meds as it says on the paper inside can cause burred vision mine also water a lot more.... Hey ho I tend to use the time when my vision is blurred or watery to look in the mirror as I look infinitely better than I do with clear vision. Seriously though I would pop to your optician for a check up if you haven't already ..

VG x


Thanks all for this. I've had them checked at the optician who says they are healthly the same as you VG.

I love the idea of using the blurring as an opportunity to look in mirror.

Thanks Jilly - perhaps you could let us know if you find anything out.




My eyes are worse since having fibro, if I am in a flare up they get really bad. They water like I'm crying sometimes and I haven't driven a car for over 2 years due to having double vision

(I cant see which car..of the two.. I should be avoiding LOL)

I have spoken to opticians (more than twice) and Doc's (even more than that) they both don't know whats up, they say my eyes are okay .......but....... I do own 8 pairs of glasses (buy one get one free) so there must be something wrong?

On a morning my table is like a 'pick and mix bar' of specks, the only real good thing that has come from this is... I get quiet a good arm work out swapping and changing glasses LOL

I can't take meds (severely allergic) so I can't say it's due to meds for me...

I think that fibro must effect the muscles around your eyes... It's the only logic I have with the 'WHY' bit...

Soft hugs, hope it eases off for you soon. x


the optician I saw is going to look at the possibility of fibro affecting the muscles of the eye.

he said if it affects other muscles, why not the eye?



Hi Sandra,

Please let me know if you find anything out... I used to love driving and my motor bike too but I just dare not anymore..

Thanks for letting me (us) know :)

Take care (both of you LOL) Big soft hugs

Andie x


Yep I get probs too, this often comes up in blogs on here, so sense would say that it seems that fibro does affect vision. Most annoying when you love reading, art and crafting in various forms!xx


Yip, my eyes are a problem too.

I use eye drops in the day (Blink, intensive tears, protective eye drops) and for night I use an eye gel (Viscotears). Both just available at Boots. Both of these ease my eyes. I feel that mine are affected in two ways: one, by the tired muscles and two the way that my brain perceives what I see. Mine seems to most often be a problem with the brain rather than my eyes themself.

My optician recommended both of these eye drops. And she said to do small, slow exercises (starting looking close and then looking further and slowly further, etc) and also resting the muscles in my eyes a few times a day (close your eyes and put your fingertips on your eye lids.) If you only close your eyes they still move around and use the muscles, but putting a tiny bit of weight on them makes the muscles stop moving.

I really felt both of these have helped me.



I have found that I have difficulty with short and long distance. If I've been reading and need to look up and focus on something (may only be 12 feet away) my eyes are blurry and takes a few minutes to adjust. Really annoying at first but got used to it more now.


Me too I now have to wear bifocals but even then it still takes a few minutes to focus.


Thanks for you answers. I'll definately try your recommendations Crybaby.



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