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Coloured numbers in eye test

Hi after recent referral to orthoptist & second time to ophthalmist i was told my eyes are fine but need to be referred to a neurologist. Left peripheral vision field has worsened & when i did the eye test with numbers in mosaics i couldnt see anything in green coloured ones?! What does that mean? Dr just said he wants an mri. I could see numbers in them last time which was just over a week ago...

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hi Manx1, I don't know anything about it, but please try not to worry, I'm sure if your doc was that worried he'd have sent you immediately for the mri.

hopefully, someone will be on tomorrow who might have more of an idea.

please remember that none of us are medically trained and can only speak from personal experiences.


hamble :)


Hi Manx1

I am so sorry to read that you have this problem. I do not really know much about this sort of thing, but I want to wish you all the best of luck when you see your Neurologist.

I have pasted you the NHS Choices link about this issue below:

All my hopes and dreams for you



Morning Manx, I hope you are feeling pretty good this morning. Try not to worry about your referral but if you are worried ring up the opthoptist and see if they will calm your nerves. I know when I was at mine this week he was specific that if you had worries to check it out instead if imagining the worse.

Hope this helps a little now try and enjoy your weekend as much as you can.



Gins is right. Write down a few simple questions you want to know the answer to and then call the orthoptist. If he/ she can't answer them all (they are equivalent to physios) then ask who you could speak to. And don't forget a letter should go to whoever referred you.

Tempting as it is try not to look on the net. Eyes are very complicated, and you don't want to get yourself even more worried.

Take care.x


Hiya everyone thanks so much for your encouraging and helpful replies. Its just a bit perplexing when i have really good vision ( except for heatwave shimmer effect which i hardly notice now as its constant). I just wonder if the incidental rathke's cleft or microadenoma i have maybe playing some part in all of this? Looking on the bright side though the pregabalin is making me feel much more human again ( cleaning & gardening now rather than looking at what needs doing) Thanks once more for people taking their time to reply very much appreciated xx

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The test you did was the Ishahara Test, which checks for colour-blindness. it's a fairly standard test when you see an eye specialist, especially if you are male, as men are more likely to be colour-blind than women. Why your eyes should have changed so quickly is puzzling though, hopefully the MRI will show what is happening.


It's also puzzling the doc wasn't very forthcoming. I know they sometimes want to "protect" us and not worry unnecessarily but could have been more informative. You seem a little concerned by the lack of info which is counter productive.


I know it's hard not to worry about it, but please try!!! Stress worsen's everything. It's really good that they are covering all the bases!!! Pray everything turns out good. Let us know how it goes. xxx Mitzi


Thanks again for taking time out to reply :) this website is fantastic for allowing you to get things off your chest & therefore easing your mind... I have a drs appointment for next week i'm going to request full bloods as i havent had any since i was in hospital with the low cortisol in march. Thanks again to this wonderful community xx


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