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I received my bracelets today and am very happy with them. I was wondering if anyone else had problems with the postage on them. I had to go to the Post Office sorting office today to pay £1.09 pence as the postage was insufficient. It also cost me £4.40 bus fare to get them.I would have rather given the money to Fibro than the Post Office or Bus companies

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  • I haven't received mine yet but when arrived home 2day after doing some shopping there was letter from post office asking for £1.09 to send me something as sender hadn't used the rite postage. Couldn't think what it could b as hadn't sent for anything so now I'm thinking that's what must b in the parcel. I too would much rather money had went to fibro

  • Dear Wednesday,

    I am so sorry for your inconvenience and extra cost. I have been responsible for the postage of the bands and I must say I am very frustrated with the Post Office for several reasons. Now, you have written this and I have yet another reason to feel it has been a very unreliable service.

    They weighed the item and said the postage was 60p.

    Please can you tell me whether a blue 50p stamp and a red 10p stamp were still on the envelope please?

    I hope you will accept my apologies and I am going to mention these problems to Lindsey also.

    I am ever so glad you like you wristbands but wish you had not had so much trouble to get them

    Best Wishes


  • Gulps sorry Mdaisy I had to pay an extra 1.09 too but I just blame this on Royal Mail Incompetence as I have taken things in had it weighed and then had recipient have to pay extra postage at their end......

    If anyone else gets the letter through their door to save going out you can pay online like I did and have it delivered ... As my post office collection office is miles away

    VG x

  • VG it is awful as we weighed it this end and paid the appropriate postage in good faith

  • It is awful as we paid the requested amount for the fibro bracelets in good faith too.


  • Hi Very-Grumpy

    Can you please let me know where I can purchase this Fibro Bracelet, if it was on this site I must have missed it. Thank You

    Regards JJ x

  • fibroaction.healthunlocked....

    If you click on that link it will take you to the site to buy them

    VGx :)

  • Ok will do, many Thanks for helping me xx

  • Not your fault things often get weighed and then suddenly go up in weight at the other end I blame it all on Royal Mail as I can find no reason for them to charge a pound for NOT delivering


  • Hello Everyone,

    I thought I should add that many people have received their bands and have experienced no such problem. I have sent over 60 out and only had a handful of problems such as these.

    I take pride in being organised so I am disappointed but this has only occurred in a few cases that we know about.

    I hope people who received their bands with no hitch will comment to reassure people that this has not happened in all cases.


  • On 2nd April Royal Mail once again put up their charges, and also removed the 'small packet' category. I got caught out by that when sending a birthday card to a friend last week. Consequently if the envelope will go through their letterbox slot it should go as 'Large Letter' which is now 69p 2nd class and 90p First Class. If the recipient is home then they can only ask the extra 9p at the door, but if it is returned to the sorting office they now add an extra £1 charge, which is ridiculous.

    Hope this helps

    Em x

  • Thank You Em for this information

    So I had the parcels weighed and it was 60p and during the delivery the postage for a small packet increased by 9p to 69p and they are asking for the 9p.

    Surely I it has left a destination with the correct postage at that time they should honour this?

    I agree ridiculous and unfair!

  • Mdaisy, if they weighed the packet at the Post Office, they should have charged the correct amount for the package. If on arrival at the destination they then tried to say the postage was underpaid, RM are at fault. Do you still have your postage receipts? If so call the customer advice line or go to and send them an email, give them hell, as they shouldn't be allowed to get away with that. I had mistakenly assumed you had the first lot of packages weighed, and finding it was 60p, had put that amount of postage on further packages yourself but if PO did it, they have no right to overcharge. Even if you no longer have the receipts, you can still kick up a fuss as the error is most certainly on their side. They may take a while to reimburse, but they should do it.

    Good luck

    Em xx

  • I quite agree! If the PO are charging us all for extra postage imagine how much they're making from us!! Damn cheek!!

  • And Royal Mail wonder why everyone sends ecard s or flimsy thin paper cards.....


    Enraged of England

    VG x

  • I got mine ok with out any extra charges.

  • LIKE ...

  • I got my card today and had to go to the sorting office and pay £1.09 too.

    Love the bands but would rather have paid more to Fibroaction than to Royal mail.

    Very annoying as I have been home everyday this week when the postman has called so they clearly didn't bother asking for the postage at the door and just put the card through...they must be raking in the money at a pound handling charge everytime someone's postage is insufficient...grrrrrrr

    Andrex x

  • There are bracelets? Not been around a lot lately - what have I missed?


  • Hello Spirit,

    Here is the link to the FibroAction Awareness Wristbands that we have in stock


  • I received that note too. Sorry but i'm not prepared to pay anothet £1.09. Guess that means im down £3.50

  • Wish I hadnt bothered now

  • Your money will still have gone to a good cause, Snowbell, so your money hasn't been entirely wasted, but watch the board to see if Royal Mail will withdraw their extra charges as this is for a charity!

    Moffy x

  • The post office has got a lot to answer for! I sell a lot of stuff on eBay to make myself a little bit of extra cash,iv been doing it for 2yrs,but now I've decided to knock it on the head,people will not pay the high postage for an item that might not cost a lot,last year I could post out a pair of shoes for £2.20,and now it cost £5.60!

  • Got my wristbands yesterday and I also had to pay £1.09! PO said there was insufficient postage on it!! Damn cheek!! To me the postage was ample!! As has been said previously, the correct postage was used, the £1 is a 'handling' fee!!! XX

  • Have just emailed the Royal Mail and put a flea in their ear!! They'll probably come up with some justification, as these companies always do, but at least they'll be aware of our displeasure!!!! XXXXX

  • Well done Sue ... There is no reason why they couldn't have bought the packages to our homes and asked for 9 pence at the door...

    My son summed it up perfectly he said what I have just quoted and then added.. It's not like you go out anywhere mum so you would have been here to pay the 9p.....

    Yours with apparantly no life

    VG :)

  • Hi have just got mine today they were at home waiting for me had to wait a long time for them i like they are jazzie xxxxxxx

  • Hello Chambers,

    That is great you have received them. Can I ask you obviously did not have to pay the £1.09 charge like others have ? You have a blue & red stamp on the envelope ?

    Trying to get to the bottom of this Royal Mail Fiasco !

    Any info would be appreciated


  • no i didnt have to pay anythink stamps on it orange and blue hope this helps xxx

  • on the orange stamp as 10p blus stamp is 2rd class xx

  • I received mine no problem and yes Mdaisy my package had a second class and a red 10p stamp on

  • Thank You Grandmakim, I am glad you received your bands ok ! :)

    I think we will need to take this issues up with the Royal Mail. The postage of 60p was advised here at my end for the bands and you got yours OK as did member Chambers above. Yet others haven't, it is very strange

    So, why have some arrived OK and others not ? ! Very strange this whole fiasco !


  • Hello - I'd like to buy a couple bracelets. but reading the above do you want to amend the P&P on the website ??

  • If you haven't received wristbands ordered more than 2 weeks ago or you were charged extra for insufficient postage, please email

    It's good to hear from as many people as possible this has affected as we're having to pursue a formal complaint against Royal Mail.

    At present all I can do is apologise and ask you to bear with us while we put the complaint in. We'll sort it out somehow.

  • If you haven't received wristbands ordered more than 2 weeks ago, or if you were notified that extra postage was required and do not want or cannot do this, then please let us know via email on I have taken the decision that those people affected by this upset shall have replacement wristbands sent out.

    If you were notified that extra postage was required and are happy to pay this or have paid it, then you will save FibroAction from being put to additional expense, which means more funds for Fibro awareness, so thank you! :)

    If you haven't ordered wristbands and want to do so, please do! I'm confident we have taken steps so that we will not run into this issue again.

  • Hi Lindseymid, I had to pay the extra plus bus fares but am happy to stand the difference as it's for a good cause. It does seem strange that some areas didn't have a problem and others did.

  • Thanks wednesday! :)

  • Hi Mdaisy

    Just to let you know that my bracelets arrived today.

    Thank you


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