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More "fibro " moments

I rarely take a handbag with me when I go out but did so when I had a doctored appointment on thursday.picked up prescription and did some shopping so had 2 bags as well.bus came so got up and just about to get on the bus when a voice shouted out and passed me my handbag.then yesterday I met a friend for coffee in town and on the bus home I got up to get off when another passenger tapped me on my arm and said I had left a bag on the seat.

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Yikes thats lucky, thankfully they were so honest


This is what I do. I have e end started to walk away from cash machines without my money.if I have to bags I always loose one. My flat mate says I should tie thing round my neck.just to hear someone say the same is a relief .my head is so foggy it's like coming apart at the seams the doctors don't listen I haven't e end had a diagnosis although I have suspected me for years. I have c.o.p.d but some days I can't even waken. I go from my bed to my couch and sleep again. During the night I'm up and down for bathroom or pain .I'm so sick as the last 4yr are living nightmare.sorry for going on and on .forgive me

what is COPD?.several people have mentioned it.since I have been on amitriptyline I have slept slightly better and feel less tired most mornings and my appetite seems to be a little better tho I still only have breakfast and a small meal I also now manage a sandwich midday.i still need to sleep in the pm most days.at least 2-3 days a week I go back to bed after walking the dogs its only way to ease the pain.yesterday I went back to bed after their morning walk and again in the afternoon.

good job the public are honest and kind, I often put mine across my body not just in my hand or shoulder. Also use post it notes around the house.

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hi Betty6

it s where I live.people are honest.i couldn't say the same if I still lived in London.im also forever writing down everything I intend /have to do.i don't usually take handbags-just put my purse and keys in my coat pockets.

I put my purse in my coat pocket only to find later that a pick pocket had taken it. I realised after that someone did bump into me that was probably when it happened. So be mindful of that possibility. It's a horrible feeling.


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I prefer a bag with a long across body strap after chasing my autistic son around for years I needed both hands free and now I much prefer it, keeping it in front of me where I would see any light fingered approaches ;)

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Hi put coffee and tea bag in hubs cup this morning i dont think a day gose by with out my doing ome think silly like getting up stairs and forgetting what i wanted . It is nice to think their is still honest people about. Handbag one havent done yet as daughers with me when i go out lolxx

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Going into other rooms and forgetting what for is not only a daily occurrence it's many times a day!! Also have to check I've locked my back door when I go out as I don't remember whether I have done so.always used to go out via the back door so it wasn't a problem then started using front door and I once took my dogs out leaving the front door open.

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I can SOOOOOOOO relate to that. Last week I set out from home 3 times and still forgot my reading glasses. Today I took something out and brought it back. In Homer Simpson's immortal words - D'oh.

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I often forget my reading spec but not sure that is entirely fibro fog.

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I agree. I think we blame the nearest target too easily, then distract ourselves form the real goal. :)

yes I had laser several years ago and for the first time in 40 years did not need specs, now not keen to need them again.

I did use a shoulder bag until the PMR and Fibro pain made me stop. Now I use a wrist wallet on each

wrist to hold my cellphone, cash etc. so I can't lose anything unless I lose my arms. Also purse snatchers

are out of luck. Also leaves both hands free for holding on to the grandsons when they visit.

Very glad you got your handbag back.

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anbuma 3, my husband has COPD. It is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease which is a progressive

lung disease that makes it hard to breathe. It really can interfere with your sleep at night. He has to

take a nap or naps during the day because he doesn't sleep well at night.

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thank you Lillee for explaining that.it must make life dfifficult.

So glad that there are some honest people in the world. I always have a shoulder bag which I usually wear across my body as I know I would just keep on leaving a normal handbag behind. I went to a class the other day and was just about to put my car keys away in my handbag when I saw one of the older members go to fall so helped him and I had of course put my car keys down and completely forgotten i had. Fortunately for me one of the volunteers had seen me help the gentleman and had put two and two together and realised it was me who must have left them. I have had a letter by the door to post when I go up to get milk for three weeks and have just remembered yesterday to post it. I always say i would forget my head if it wasn't screwed on tightly.xx

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Just shows that there are still some honest people about as you could easily have found yourself with no handbag! It is very easily done however.

Take care

Ken x

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It is part of Fibro poor memory,forever forgetting where you left something even though u tell yourself I will make a bookmark in my head and I will remember - stil ldoesnt work!

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