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Fibro fog or just old and stupid

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This week I took a parcel to the post office to be posted and I hadn’t put the address on it, I kept apologising and sweet young women said don’t worry I understand…. I bet she doesn’t 🤣

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🤣all you can do is laugh x

Hey Pauline, I've been forgetful for years long since before the fibro. I keep lists and notebooks everywhere, so you are not alone. It is neither fibro fog or old age, just trying to do too many things in one go. I've written cheques without putting who they are to. LOL. I regularly get upstairs and forget why I have gone up. That's been going on 15 years and I haven't hit 40 yet. Forgetting where I have put my purse is another. I agree with AllthatGlitters, definitely need to laugh about it. x

I went to the building society waited 20 to be served, went to the counter and couldn't remember why I was there. I burst into tears 😭.

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Painny in reply to lanzarote55

I went to the bank for an appointment. Before they start the conversation they asked me to confirm my date of birth? In that moment I could not remember it. I felt like a fool. …I come home and occasionally I even leave the main front door wide open…luckily I haven’t yet been the victim of burglary. In this scenario the burglar is a fool, a missed opportunity for them 😇 The list is not exhaustive…I’m tired of being tired ….struggling with the basics. It’s 2.03 am now and I have slept only an hour in 48 hours 😴🥱

I do exactly the same. Feel stupid and then panic it’s dementia. I keep going out without locking the front door! I think our minds are so stressed we get forgetful at times. At least that’s my excuse!

Lol I laughed at myself yesterday a few times because of my lapses of memory. I wanted to share them, but I can’t remember what they were.

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PAULINE15 in reply to Isinatra


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stollerydd in reply to Isinatra

A lady friend of mine told me one time that she'd become so forgetful she often can't even remember she forgot.

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Isinatra in reply to stollerydd

That’s intense. 😂

Hi...I was also worried I was going bonkers! Spoke with GP (before Covid) and he suggested a blood test which was Alzheimer's or dementia.....maybe to put your mind at rest have a chat with your GP.

Hi Pauline, Last time I wake up at 3 am And I started panicking as I didn’t saw my son on his bed, I started looking all over inside wardrobes , bathroom under the bed, suddenly I remembered He was at his father home !! I felt ,very concern, frustrating I called the GP the day after and made a request to be referred to the neurologist and he said is not necessary is normal cos the Fibro fog!! Is not just you!!! 😉

I never do wrong 😑😀, I park my car 🚗 and goodness me it takes a while to find out where I parked my own bl.o.o.dy car 🤫

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Isinatra in reply to Painny

At least you remembered you had a car 🚙. 😉

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Painny in reply to Isinatra

Good point 😀😅😜

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Isinatra in reply to Painny


Hi Pauline;

I always say I don't have a memory; I have a Forgettery!

Cheers, Midori

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