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Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10

I have recently put myself on a course of these. I used to take them and I remembered how they boosted my energy so I got some and after a few days in am feeling the benefits already. .Here is the science

I get a fairly low dose and take two a day, Wassens Q10 plus vit E from Boots but you can buy it on the net. please use a reputable supplier.

Also check with your GP first if you are taking multiple meds.

Yesterday was a good day. I actually paid a young lass I know to come and help me in the house. It felt strange at first because I have always done housekeeping/child minding/ironing for other people. She was fantastic, cleaned the downstairs windows, hoovered and ironed a load of shirts. All in an hour and a half. It would have taken me days. I pottered and dusted and washed up while she worked.

My daughter does help me but she works really hard at Pizza hut on shifts and as I don't work I feel it is unfair of me to depend on her too much.

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Glad you had a good day yesterday and great idea to get someone in to help.

Re supplements I must admit to now being totally confused... In the past week we have been recommended taking vit D in high doses along with vit a and k .....Epsom salts , magnesium supplements and now coenzyme q10 and i might have forgotten some ......I am not having a dig at you far from it I just am in a complete head spin on wondering should I be taking all of them some of them and how to even afford them ....

Should I take the list mentioned above and get my GP to test me to see if I am deficient in all these things and get what I need ... Can any be got on prescription ????

VG x


Unfortunately no although you could try asking your GP!!!!! Most supplements can not.

Q10 is something I have taken for years on and off for an energy boost. I find it works for me is all I can say. When I have been taking it for a few days I start to notice that I have got through a lot more in my day than usual. Sort of have a spoon or two left over!!! I discovered it many years ago in an article on gum disease and it stated that some dentists recommend because it promotes healing of inflamed gums. It is not cheap, the ones with vit e from boots are about a fiver for thirty. I am in lucky, lucky position of not having to work or claim bens. I realise it is hard for some people to purchase supplements. I wanted to suggest it though as I really believe it works and it may help some people on here.

I admit I am a bit of a herbal, alt medicine fanatic. I take

ivy and thyme tincture for coughs,

fennel tea for water retention (from fennel in garden)

feverfew for headaches (from garden) !!!!!

Black cumin seed tea as the prophet Muhammed (pbuh) said it cures all ills (it is an old remedy in the same way we use garlic for it medicinal properties)

fresh sage and rosemary in hot water, breathe in the steam, good for congestion.

I would have been burnt as a witch a few hundred years ago!!!!!

A few packets of seeds and you have a herb garden or window box which is like a home grown pharmacy!

Always check with GP if not sure.


There have since been further promising studies, including a double-blind placebo controlled trial, although they are still very small and the published results all come from the same team (from a scientific point of view, it's best when research can be replicated by different people). Hopefully there will be more research done in the future.

You can check out the abstracts of studies below if you're interested (you may need to register for PubMed to do so):


I've been taking CoQ10 for a few months now, along with Vit D, Magnesium, B12, and Omega3. Oh, and a general vitamin / mineral supplement just for good luck! It definitely makes a difference. I don't know if it's one thing more than any others, or the combination.

When I sopke to the Dr at the pain clinic on Monday, he told me that the dose of Vit D I was taking was not sufficient to make any difference in FMS, and that a study has been done showing that it is better to take 5000 IU a day. I originally got Vit D on prescription - one tablet per day - each tablet contains 400 IU, so instead of the one a day prescribed, I would have to take 12! I now buy my vit D over the counter, and it's a higher dose, but I would still need to take 5 a day! He told me to get them from Amazon! And I've just checked - sure enough you can buy 5000 IU capsules - and they're not even expensive!

I have also read that to get the best results from CoQ10 you have to take higher doses. But it is the expensive one! So maybe if there is new evidence coming to light, we will be able to get it on prescription - Happy Days! An end to my standing in boots or H &B or wherever, calculator in hand, trying to work out the best value bottle to get when they all contain different numbers of capsules at different strengths!

I enjoyed reading about your other remedies too!



Be careful with taking high doses of vitamin D unless prescribed and your levels monitored via blood tests. It can be very toxic. If you ask your doctor for a vitamin D blood test and he decided you are deficient, you will be given it on prescription, in the correct dosage

Em x

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Hi, Interesting!..................but do you know that if you take statins they actually prevent your body from producing Q10 which is why your muscles ache so much as a side effect and also why you feel like you have no energy in your muscles. I know because since coming off statins I feel so much better.


Please be careful when contemplating high doses of Q10, I tried it and got jittery and couldn't sleep at all. I think it is only a gentle tap we need not a sledgehammer!!!!!


I take a high absorbtion Q10 from amazon it supports the mitochondra. I take it with a cod liver oil in the morning. 200mg. The strength from boots or Holland and barret is 10mg. They work out REALLY expensive. I take magnesium ...again Doctors Best stuff from night with a Tesco multi vot and min. That helps with the aches.

The best vit D comes from sitting or standing outside. I think we're all lacking a bit simply because we haven't had enough sun.

I've been told, whatever vit and min you take, you should give yourself a week off every couple months to allow your body to rebalance. We can put our natural processes under stain by keep adding to what we should get naturally. A deficiency today doesn't automatically mean a deficiency for life.....and we can set up a fear that we NEED them, adding to our anxiety

When I stop them. The only thing I notice is the drop in energy. I do NEED that Q10. I'm also taking a short burst of zinc at the moment because my nails are ridged and brittle.

I love spideys herbal remedies. I would love to have that knowledge and be able to grow the right herbs. Brilliant x

It really doesn't have to be expensive. I don't buy prescription supplement bill is about the same as getting an antidepressant and a pain killer from the Dr....which I avoid !


Great to hear all of the above "potions".I agree that I prefer the herbal alternatives as I have allergies to most of what the gps prescribe for fibromyalgia.Also recommend acupuncture although it is expensive seems to work for me.


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