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Hi all :))

Hi :))

I'm really excited today, I find out if I get a flat :)) so can't wait. So I have been packing most of my thinking on Sunday, which I made sure I packed something took a break then started again and then had another break in between.

So today is my first day back at college since Easter. It's going to be interesting as my friend told me yesterday that our group has work to hand in but as I haven't had my hearing aids in (waiting for new ones), I am missing out on so much during lessons, which is frustrating as I don't then understand what I need to do but il see what happens today.

My sister is coming round this afternoon and she is bringing Myla my neice who is 5 months old. :)) then later on I am meeting up with a friend for tea and a chat. :))

Even though I'm still sore off Sundays packing I was bending over to pick things up was hurting my back a little, I didn't think it would leave me in so much pain. So I was hobbling around last night, but I just took extra painkillers last night which was enough as I didn't wake up in any pain.

Hope you all have a fab day :))

Susan x

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Hi Susan,

Glad to hear that life is looking up for you. Moving house is a bit of a chore, but it's lovely once you're there and you can rearrange all you things to make a nice home.

Hope all goes well, and that your back doesn't play up too much.

Moffy x


Hi Moffy,

Yeah my legs are a little sore today but I'm being careful around my college.

Have a lovely day :))

Susan x


Wishing you well in your new home, hope the moving goes well and doesn't stress you out too much


Susan it was lovely to read your letter full of excitement & optimism. It's amazing isn't it how happy we can get somedays when things are going well and how we keep popping those pain killers when we overdo it. Have lots of fun, good luck with everything & keep pacing yourself. xxx


Thanks Louise,

Yeah I'm defo pacing now as it is still uncomfortable. Do you suffer from pain in your ankles, I have noticed in the mornings when I get out of bed that I suffer from sore ankles.

Susan x


mine hurt when I go to bed too.

did you get your flat?



No don't find out till next week


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