Tramadol Withdrawal - Big Mistake

Yesterday was a bad day - had decided that I would stop taking Tramadol as I am so sick & tired, of being, sick & tired, basically. I wanted to get my old life back & am already on Pregabalin & Naproxen slow release each day & night, so decided I could cope with starting to withdraw from the Tramadol.

Big Mistake.

I decided to take only one of the 50mg Tramadol capsules every four hours when I took my paracetamol.

Big Mistake.

I felt like a wet rag by tea time, like mega flu symptoms, aching all over & my asthma was so bad I had to take the batteries out of our air fresheners, & then I hardly slept last night due to the so real dreams I had, and woke up hours before the alarm went off & in so much pain.

So this morning I have decided to only stop the Tramadol one 50mg capsule at a time. So far today, I have taken two capsules with my two paracetamol twice today & then this evening, I'm only going to take the one. Then, when I take my night meds, that should get me through the night & hopefully, sort out my dreams!

Here's hoping!

Julie xxx

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  • Hi Julie

    Have you arranged this with your gp? :o

    Coming off meds can cause imbalances and I most certainly advise you to talk to your gp first about coming off the tramadol if you are unhappy with it. ;)

    With fibro it can take a while to find a combination of meds that work specifically for you so its perfectly normal to feel like you don't need it, like it or just wanna change it.

    Please speak to your GP first Julie as your GP (or pharmacist at times but not in this instance) should always be your first port of call. :o

    take care


  • Hi there,I also take tramadol,pregabalin and dosulepin as well and became fed up of feeling so ill and wanted to stop my pregabalin and tramadol as I didn't know if the way I felt was to do with the fibro or side effects.This was a few months back.I did discuss it with my g.p first which you should do as you need advice regarding how to gradually reduce the dose.I didn't succeed as whenever I cut down I always end up going back to max or almost max dose a day again as I can't stand the pain.However,I've been struggling with constant urine infections for almost 2 years now which keep flaring up my fibro symptoms so I've just had to accept that for now I can't reduce my meds x

  • Hi Julie

    I Definitely agree with Zeb and Haribo, you should really discuss this with your GP, it can cause all sorts of problems, if you cant get in to the doctors surgery give them a ring and ask for a telephone consultation, Im sure they would be able to arrange this for you, just to check what is the best way for you to go about reducing your dose without suffering from withdrawal, it can be a lengthy process. Please get some advice, you could make yourself feel more poorly than you do already. Take care. xxx

  • hi...I to was so ill migraine etc I went to see pharmacist as it was the weekend and to cut a long story short she said come off tramadol! I was seeing the doctor on the Tuesday so she said no worrys just tell him...she advised me to start taking the B VITAMINS not multi vits just the B vits.. she said it would help with my energy levels...I saw my gp and he said tramadol are well known for bad side effects and was happy for me to come off them ...I suffer from migraine anyway and take MAXALT so he gave me Topamax to be taken every night as a preventative...and I can honestly say I have been a different person! ok the body pains are still there but I no longer am in bed..i WANT to be up and about ok its not zooming around lol but as the pharmacist said I have got more energy..i have mentioned this to my gp and hes not convinced and says it was the tramadol that was making me zombie like!!! I asked why give them then he said because a lot of people put up with the side effects for the pain relief!...but I for one coming off tramadol was the best thing I ever did..i have lost a stone and a half and gp said that's because im more mobile albeit slow! any questions please just I said this is my personal account of my experience xxxxx

  • I would really like to come off tramadol to see how I would be without it but I've been taking it for about 8 years now so I know my body is dependant on it.Every time I try to reduce down I end up going back to almost max dose again a day.I think it's because I've been suffering constant urine infections for almost two years now and as that keeps playing havoc with my fibro the pain keeps flaring up all the time so I haven't been able to do it :(

  • im the same as you haribo i try constantly to come off but as i try the next day i have to have them its like im a druggy or something ive got bad bakl & legs trapped nerve im having physio & she said my muscels are weak so its a long prosses so doc has signed me off work although i only work 12 hrs a week its a cleaning job think ive out done myself & the job is going to have to go but not sure how i will manage but it means my health will be good i think ill be better for it xx

  • hi..well its a drug so you will get dependant on it but going back on it is a merry go round..what does your doc suggest? my doc said tramadol can cause allsorts of nasty side effects....if you cant get an appointment go to the pharmacist and ask their advise...and coming off anything will be hard but only lasts a few days so I would seek advise and go for it! I have never felt better...and if you feel bad now surely you can only feel better? its our bodies we should decide what goes in it...just because the gp gives it us doesn't mean its always the right thing...keep me posted xx

  • Hi :D you are so right pondminstrel! :) and doing it by using professional advice is important too, well advised. Gps give us what meds are recommended for our illness it doesn't mean that they are right but your gp or pharmacist can give you advice on what you could take and your gp can also change your medication also until you find one that suits you :D.


  • Hi, I ran out of Tramadol last week, Big Mistake! I wondered for a long time whether I needed to take Tramadol as I also take Pregabalin and Naproxen. I let myself run out of Tramadol by mistake as I wanted to come off them slowly really. I had three days without Tramadol and felt worse than ever. I was still taking all my other meds including paracetamol. The pain was horrendous, especially at the back of my head and neck. I got some more Tramadol and after a day or so I was back to normal, still in pain but much improved. My G.P. did say when first giving me Pregabalin that it should cut down Tramadol and I have but I know I can't stop taking them.

  • I said before I think you can stop its like any addiction,because that's what it is! we feel like poo when we try to come off it so we think we cant manage..but we can! it just takes perseverance...I am a recovering alcoholic and have been dry for 7 years so trust me that was harder than stopping any tablet! but I did it...same thing different poison lol ! do it on a few days [if poss] where you can be kind to yourself and look after yourself,and you will be fine...I will be here if you want to

  • Here here :-)

    I too dumped the Tramadol - nasty, horrible things - I was ill for 3 days afterwards - addicted ? Definitely :-(

    I now take Tylex (30/500 codeine / paracetamol ) for the pain also 400 ibuprofen for inflammatory problems - best decision in my opinion was to Cold Turkey :-)

  • good! when I spoke to my pharmacist when doc was closed she said to try vitamin B COMPLEX not multi vitamins just the b vits..and between coming off tramadol and taking those I have been a different person...still have pains but not spending days in bed with migraines and feeling like death...I can cope if my head doesn't ache..i can honestly say I have had about 4 headache-ish type headaches 11 weeks...the doctor put me on Topamax to control the onset of migraine so all in all im

  • Well done...I hope you continue to improve :-)

    Maybe Tramadol "dumping" is not suitable for everyone, but it certainly seems to suit us :-) take care

  • Okay, so I'm back on the Tramadol. Max dose per day, 2 50mg capsules, 4 times a day. I Already take Vitamin B supplements as I was told that they help deter mozzies as well as help with energy levels, as I suffer terrible allergies to insect bites. (It was either that or eat Marmite with every meal to up the levels in my body. And I didn't want to do that!) Have to get an appointment with my gp asap to discuss it all. My heart's beating fast & my head's pounding. I'm home alone as hubby's working away all this week & don't want to worry the kids about it all.


  • thanks for the update Julie its much appreciated xxx

    take care xxxzebxxx calming fluffies

  • omg ive tried to come off my tramadol a few times its like im addicted to it ive been on them for so long last yr i was on holiday & i ran out of them i went to a chemist he gave me something that was ment to be the same i was needles to say climbing the walls no sleep sweating restless legs panicic attact big time.. then a man came to the rescue he gave me 6 to help me till i got home i took 2 with in an hour i was fine but for 2days i had no sleep at all trid the bath everything then i got home i went bk to the doc she said no way should i stop like that.. i have recently tried again just taking two then one at night for 4 days but back to taking two then two gods knows what ill be like if i dont take any at all ive got paracetamol they dont touch me im now on ibrufen paracetaml im also diabeteic o i take so mony pills i rattle i have good days & bad but on the whole im ok xxx hope you get sorted xxx

  • Thanks suwie, let's hope we both do! Thanks for the fluffies zeb, very calming!

    Julie xxx

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