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Such painful joints and muscles today

I went to Aqua robics on Monday and ached very much on Tuesday and Wednesday. When Thursday came around I really didn't want to go I felt very tired. But I had promised I would meet a friend at the pool. So I went and enjoyed the class, but ached very much in my back afterwards. I had an early night last night taking an extra morphine tablet in the hopes Id get some sleep.

However today I ache badly all over and have a splitting headache and I am so tired to the point of exhaustion.

I need to go and lie down for a while as that is the only thing that helps with the pain.

I try to keep active, I try to keep cheerful I'm always smiling but inside I am so desperately unhappy and in so much pain.

What do I do carry on or give up a veg out in an armchair for the rest of my life???

Sorry for the moan.

Heltadelta. xx

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Dear Soox

I will talk to my GP about physio and hydrotherapy.

I do like swimming so maybe I can give that a try.




They do say some exercise and stretching is good

but what works for one doesn't work for everyone

Maybe Arco robics is a bit too much try a gentle swim

Have you had meds looked at recently


Hi Rose.

I have talked to my GP about my meds till I am blue in the face. He will not listen to me and will not even consider changing them even when I tell him they don't work and I am in a lot of pain.

Heltadelta. x

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Hi sorry to hear your so sore,

I would say keep going because your enjoying it when you are there,but happen only do 1/2 the class there no where does it say you have to do it all. I have been to many and what I did was did the first exercise had a rest and missed the next one then joined in every other one.

I stood at the side of the pool so I could lean on the side and not get in anybody's way.

See how that's goes before giving in.

Try just swimming if you can't manage 1/2 the class, that you can do at your own pace.

But don't forget you have already worn your self out so maybe have a good rest over the weekend.

All the very best keep going slowly.

Have a great weekend if u can


Hi. Your reply makes sense and I will certainly give half a lesson a go instead of the whole 45 minute class.

I am reluctant to give up Aqua as its a social event as well as an exercise. Plus we do have such a good laugh which I think is important.

Thank you for your reply.

Heltadelta xx


I use pilates/yoga and cardio exercise.

Everything aches plus I don't want to do it πŸ˜„


I know how you feel. My hips ache badly today so Ive got a rest from fibro today. But my hips ache all the way down my legs to knees.

Try to keep going, I cant do yoga or pilates as I cannot get down onto my knees.



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