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via another HU site :- Internet Security Warning -

What HealthUnlocked are doing about a world wide security bug named "Heartbleed"

Internet Security Warning - What HealthUnlocked are doing about a world wide security bug named "Heartbleed"

A major online security flaw called "Heartbleed" was recently discovered by a researcher at Google and a Finnish security firm called Codenomicon.

You may have already heard about it from one of the major news organisations but HealthUnlocked wanted to get in touch with everyone as well.

This issue is a flaw in OpenSSL, which is the encryption technology that TWO THIRDS of the websites, including HealthUnlocked, use. We immediately released a patch to fix this issue and for added measure yesterday morning we logged out every member of HealthUnlocked to make everyone login again.

Though the risk is "very minimal" , there is a chance that some of your personal information, like your password, in one of your online accounts may have been affected. As a consequence, we strongly recommend that you do the following:

1.log out of websites where you selected 'keep me logged in' & login again

2.update all your passwords

Please do this now for your HU password by going to Account in your profile area and changing the password. You can also read HU's blog post on '3 Tips to Easily Create a Strong & Secure Password' at

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Thank you for that, it is very informative! I am now going to have a really good, long think about this. The sort of thinking that gives you a headache! As I never log out, ever, and cannot remember what my original password was? Isn't that just so me?

Thank you

Ken x


I had to request mine.


That actually makes me feel better in some perverse way!


Ouch! That is going to test the brain cells. Sometimes I can remember my passwords and sometimes not. Most are written down and kept hidden, but I don't always remember to add new ones. Some sites are easy to change passwords, but not others.


Ah that makes complete sense San, I tried to come back in yesterday and was perplexed to find I had to change my password , I thought I had done something wrong, but now it makes sense that it was all down to the big being fixed.

Thanks for the info :-)

Foggy x


Me too Foggy, thanks for the info Sandra, I'm with Ken on this, it needs a lot of thought, paracetamol on standby!! Linda x


Yeah, thanks. I saw a bit of this on the news this morning. A gentle reminder we should all change passwords regularly, but how do you do that with fibrofog? :P



I have a document with all my sites on and my various emails and passwords, well not the actual passwords but a 'code' - I only have a set few passwords mind because it gets so tedious, especially with Fibro fog!


Yeah. I'd like to see a really good tip to make a safe password that I wont forget and someone else wont hack into.

A colleague at work set up one and promptly forgot the password then got someone to log him back in with a password he would not forget. This is still going round and round.

It's more important on some sites than others. I've just got a message tonight from paypal telling me someone hacked my account and could I re send personal details. Um, not blooming likely :)


Can't be PayPal really then but some PP lookalike!


I'd be wary of that being paypal too. go in through your ebay account and contact paypal that way.


The email address was wrong and immediately rang alarm bells

. No company should ever ask for these details by phone or email. Only through a secure server or snailmail. I didn't even unblock it - just deleted it. If Paypal is genuine they will get in touch formally.


Thank You for posting this, it explains the problems people were experiencing with the site. Off to change my password now - also wondering why I never received an email so I could inform you all ?!?! but at least you've had the thought to copy & paste this so we know !

Emma :)


Thanks for the post Hamble :)

I wish I'd seen this 3 days ago. Just changed my password. Everything Seems be ok.


wanderingwallflower xx


good hint for setting passwords I heard is to use your old car reg's or mates at school written forwards or backwards.


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