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How are you?

The usual greeting when you see some one....I hate it!

'hello, how are you?'

Me...'I'm fine thanks, and you?'

'Oh, I've got a this and a that and last week i had a something else......'

Me...'Sorry to hear that'

Other person rambles on and my internal teurets (spelling) is screaming at them to shut up!

Even people i know well still ask me as if there might have been some miraculous overnight recovery!

I'm tired, dont get the sleep i want, in a lot of pain, stiff, weak and a load of rubbish comes out of my mouth...I was like that yesterday and ill be like ti tomorrow and tomorrow and.....

Im not going to tell you every time we talk....this is my life and i deal with it!

Not sure what I'm trying to say...lost the thread...fibro fog kicked in....

The sun's shining....have a lovely day

gentle hugs to you all xx

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Morning Bumble. :)

I know exactly what you mean and so will everyone else lol. Yesterday someone said how are you and I said I'm fine thanks and it was really hard to stop myself saying, well actually I'm not, cos I'm sick of saying it and I think, they're not really interested, it's just something we always say. It was so hard to say I'm fine thanks when I'm not.

It's very misty here at the moment so I'm hoping it will clear and the sun will come out. I've got loads of washing to do.

Gentle hugs back xx


Thanks for understanding...feel frustrated that i can't say exactly wht i mean! I used to be a teacher and a TEFL teacher but now can't seem to string a sentence together!

My partner and daughter are the only ones who really understand...they never ask me how i am because they know!

Off out now to let the dog have a run with her friends...I can just stand and watch! xx


It ok i get the thread as you put it yeah we all do that hi how are you and i think do you really want to haer how i am believe mre you dont !!!!!! we would be here a good half hour and you would be wishing you never asked and would avoid me at all costs next time you saw me coming , so i will jus say what you wan to heart which is yeah fine thanks

then you will go off and say to yourself if she is fine how come she is getting or got blue badge/ and this to help her and that t o help her !!!!! then you start thinking i am putting it all on so its a no win , i think that is what you were getting it isnt it???? lol well if not thats how i think and feel

hope you have a lovely day and no one asks you the dreaded question how are you today lol love to you diddle xx


You got it in one!



I have been known to say "how long have you got?" and that usually stops that one in its tracks lol.

I'm sure everyone we see today will ask the dreaded question - count how many times they do LOL They'll wonder what we're smirking at then :)


I must admit, when I see someone I don't particularly want to talk to, I am polite and stop, and when they start going on about the tiny ache in the leg they have, I go full on into what I feel like that day... and they run a mile!!!! Works every time ;-) :-D

Sending you all hugs and a smiley day xxx


I usually say "fair to crap but thanks for asking :)" That usually puts them off asking again. Heehee.


I must remember that one...brilliant! Knowing my luck it would come out as 'care to crap'!!!!


Hey, what happened to my smiley ?? :(


Thats better. :)


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