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Personal Independent Payment (PIP)

PIP has now replaced DLA as of the 8th April for new claimants,

The Citizens Advice Bureau website has information on PIP which may be helpful, here is the link

Disability Rights UK have a factsheet on PIP also, link below

FibroAction can also send you the Benefits & Work PIP guide for FREE which may be of help. Please email & I will be happy to send it out to you

Has anyone got any other information to share about PIP

Look forward to your comments

Best Wishes


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Emma, thankyou, that's really helpful of you. :-)

Fortunately, I don't have to worry about changing from DLA to PIP til 2015, by which time things will doubtless have changed again (with any luck, CaMoron and his cronies will be history by then, and it may be a less unfair system.

I'll still go and have a look though - you never know with this lot what they're going to pull next!

Thanks again,



Emma - what are the rules when someome on indefinete high rate mobility and is now worse and wants to put in a claim for care?


Hello Mo1967,

I would not like to say for definite but I have heard that even people with awards like yours will be reassessed under the new system if you make a claim for any change in circumstances. It is so hard for me to comment what is the best option for anyone in this position. I am sorry I cannot be of more help.

Best Wishes



I am in the same position mo1967 but my OT said she was advising people not to chance it. Said we would have to have a medical with ATOS as a new claim....


I'm sorry that I can't add much information.

I have applied for DLA but have been informed that I must wait until PIP is implemented in my area. I firmly believe that this obfuscation is deliberate on the part of the administering authorities.

If I hear anything more definite, I will post it immediately.

Moffy x


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