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PIP and ESA government enquiry

Just in case not everyone has seen it here is the link to the government website to submit comments for the enquiry re PIP and ESA. I would encourage as many as possible to give feedback. This may be our opportunity to finally get some changes to make it fairer. Submissions needed by Nov 10th.

I am intentionally leaving this post open to catch as many people as possible.

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Thank you Newtali. I am just going through this process again so it may not be sorted in time for the deadline but if it is I will certainly comment on my experience, Joolz.x


Just reading this yesterday, I hope it WILL make a difference.

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The first step ( - to this 1000 mile ?) journey, is for those with unsatisfactory experiences to give that appropriate feedback ! That's SOOO important.

As the closing date for submission is a little over a month away, there is also still some time to DISSEMINATE this information, with the hope of increasing the feedback.

As well as posting on other HU forums, other avenues for dissemination include leaving print outs of the information at public places like GPs surgeries, libraries, supermarkets and with local support groups.

There IS therefore something EACH one of us can do towards this, no matter how small-seeming in itself. These welfare benefits 'assessments' have been a DISGRACE for many years ( - with substantially ill people being awarded ZERO points !) and if anything the situation would appear to have DETERIORATED.

United (in our efforts) we stand, . . . divided in our isolation, . . . we can ONLY continue "to FALL" !

Its seems the United Nations has had something to say about the appalling state of UK benefits assessments, . . . . . . anyone have a link ?

A peaceful Tuesday to all readers,


3 Oct 2017


I must be onist I don't find it unfair all I done was told the truth on my forms and the same at the interview It's know Good applying for pip if you haven't been diegnosed or haven't got the medical back up in writing When I attended pain clinic they was all complaining But I was the only one that had been diegnosed with four illnesses


I think you were fortunate as this is not many peoples experience. If your disability is obvious it’s not so bad but it is those whose disability is more invisible that is more difficult. Also it depends on the assessor. Some are fairer than others. We had lots of medical evidence but because it made no difference at all.

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I will say this my so called assessment was carry out buys gym instructer So what did he know plus the clinic was on a hill


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