Important Consultation for Personal Independence Payment

Hi - the people at 'we are spartacus' put together an important report arguing against the reform of DLA which got some concessions in the House of Lords and a further consultation on the draft descriptors. There have been some wonderful people working round the clock to make the consultation easy to understand with user-friendly documents. The more people that take part in this, the better, and if you can spread the word too - great! The consultation is open until 30th April. Here is the link for more information:

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  • the word has been spread

  • Many thanks to you both :-)

  • wow i had never heard of this before. has taken me all night to read the pip paper work. i appear to qualify for everything i do know but thats not the point. the point is that we shouldnt have to re testify to how ill we are when we have already done so. i have dla for life.... least i thought i had. thought it would mean i would never again have to endure the forms. then the rejections then the horrid humiliating flare inducing medical 'chat' witth an unsympathetic doctor trying to prove you wrong[least thats how it makes me feel]. the sleep less nights and migraines that all brings with it. part of me would rather top myself. the mum to four and friend to many wouldnt dream of it but the lonely scared form filling in pathetic creature the whole system enduces in me rears its ugly head when i have to think of it. i hope they leave well alone.

    i have ofcourse signed the partition.

  • Hi Pottyness. I know it's terrible what they are doing to the disabled. It is more than signing, it's also about answering the questions if you feel up to it. What I did was answer them a bit at a time, just so the government know what we think of their new replacement to DLA! The first consultation was badly misrepresented and Sue Marsh and others fought and got a Freedom Of Info request to see the truth behind the first consultation. This one is open until 30th April. I feel better now for having done it! Take care and I know exactly what you mean how alone you can feel when you are having to deal with the form-filling and everything.

  • anyone 16 to 65 is supposed to be re assessed! I am 62, but have already got my pension and i cannot find out if i will have to be done again!

  • I know Lynne - they change the rules as they go along. I think everyone is to be reassessed, although in the consultation it asks about face-to-face interviews, so it's worth expressing your views on that question, and about the waste of money reassessing people who are just not going to get better

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