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Good morning , it is now i am awake i guess

Good morning , it is now i am awake i guess

Think i should say am only around wkends mainly so i have cottoned on or did i already know scratches head , no idea .

Well always busy busy although i have fb too so yeah am such a busy fairy flitting around wrk, Internet sites lol

Well actually if honest got tons going on or couple things that are keeping me focused just now and thats my 2 sons . One is 24 & other is 17.

Having to property hunt for both at minute and running short on time.

The 17 yr old is more complicated however.

Theres other bits too but try keep everything in cupboard locked up.

I just sing on fb on Friday nights lol its my Friday release to the week.

Usually suffering and exhausted.

Not sure what am like yet as not got out of bed yet . As say takes me half hour to hour to rise and make a move . So popped in to annoy you all lol

So what have i missed anything exciting as i know some always get up to something xxxxxxx

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I love the cartoons - that's just how it makes you feel! The problem is that my brain always switches off at around 7am when I really should be getting up, then I oversleep!

It takes me a good hour to get me going first thing, and involves a lot of hot water, many cups of tea and a good curse and mutter - but I get thawed out in the end.

I remain annoyingly cheerful in the mornings, once I get moving!

Moffy x


immmmmmmmooooooooooooooooooooorning to you - you are bissy whats with the picture on the next blog is that you ?? very atractive and awake xgins


Love the cartoon Cazzie, me down to a tee ! Where on earth did you find it? Like Moffy my brain switches off when it should be switching on and I find myself asleep when all others are wide awake........swapsies.......

Foggy x


Well i think i am definately awake now gins haha , like wise once i am awake i am annoyingly happy sort :-D say cheeeeeeeese , ohhh go on pleeeez pleeeez cheeese.

Enough now ... Nooo ok

Ohh the pics moffy and foggy or foggy moffy lol

I thought it was just one pic but i got a whole strip haha so i was impressed myself and dont know how but its cool !

Going to pick sons up soon for couple hours to look online at what properties i found then if ok will go view next week as fully booked today. I should get a bed online since i spend so much time on it and then a mobile bed for foneas everytime OH pops in am always on fone ohps , shall i txt him tooooo ;-) xx


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