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Yawwwwn good morning anyone awake yet

Yawwwwn good morning anyone awake yet

Dont you just love it when you either wake or are awake in night and think ahhh 4 am or whatever can go back to sleep a few hours,

Inbetween. Hubby gets up snores to the loo snores back gets in bed away with the rest of snores zzz whilst i am still searching for the 'Z' switch to turn my snores on (i dont snore lol ok so i been recorded)

You then look at clock and your Still wiiide awake hours later so gets up makes yet another brew whilst putting milk in cupboard and tea bags in fridge.

Shh thank fully i realised making another cuppa having a good old chuckle before anyone else found out or never hear end of it! :-/ .

Contemplating putting turkey in giving it a head start before hubby gets up , then again best not or be having dinner at 11 lol .

Just sharing how healthy it looks now before i start to take hold.

Hubby will have a fit as he does cooking he does not trust me for some weird reason ;-) xx

Hows everyone's aches n pains this morning?


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Morning I have been peering at your picture and have realized it is not a stick of rock or indeed some strange anti snoring device but a turkey - no longer gobbling - looks rather strange I hope it is happy :)

Can we ome to lunch at yours I love turkey?

Take care xgins xx


Morning people. I've been awake since 5am, this happens with nearly every morning . I feel Lonley and disconnected now, with most of my family . Am useless by 1am and have to go bk to my room just so I can have quiet as I can't stand the noise of the TV . I start feeling human again by tea time , it last about two hours before an bk to been over sensitive again. Would love to feel normal again , although what is normal lol , enjoy your dinner sounds lovley x


Good morning cazzie. With the snow have been thinking about swapping mobility scooter for tractor and trailer so if I collect Gins and jjojay what time would you like us to get to yours for the turkey dinner????? Leave us time to defrost gins as jo as I will be in the heated tractor and they will be in the cold trailer

VG x.


Hehe sounds like a plan Vg i can just imagine you all humping up and down on a ohh soo comfy tractor better make sure trailer has plenty of Hay in it , becareful tho might be a bit of hay making in back if certain lady is still soul searching hehe,

I had to step back a few words there as no matter what i put it came out wrong!! Blushing and theres plenty of Turkey this one must of been eating all those christmas puddings that dont get eaten.

Better get on going then to make it for 2.30 please as hubby does like to serve up at a particular time and remember to pluck the the hay out of knickers and ears .

Dare not think who will be driving?!?! There's plenty of spare land over road lasses to park, which reminds me got some Yorkshire jokes i was sent i will copy and paste we can share over dinner ;-) try not to spit the potatoes over table with laughter



well i hope you all enjoyed your turkey and yorkies and trees and green peas , mash and roasties mmmmm

plenty more turkey left for the rest of the week what can you do with the rest ,

curry, sarnies, turkey stir friy..hmmm what else ..

just had kellogs frosties for desert hope you all enjoyed the gateax that i only just remember to defrost last minute .

everyones admiring the tractor only thing is i think its knocked down the big snowman my daughter built ohps.

actually some one has really kicked it after all her hard work (so cruel) i wish i had seen but must of done whilst we were all eating dinner :-(

stuffed up by all that bird now and watching Nanny Mcphee ...ermm no nipping in pubs on way back you make me jealous


drat I missed it, :( why did nobody call? I could have worn my onesie!


Hi Sandra

No worries have no fear plenty of Turkey still here .

Will send some for you :-) xx

Need a snow mobeel (snowmobile) today haha its thick 3-4 inches so will call VG as she was in control yesterday . Xx


Mmmm yummy did someone mention roast turkey with all the trimmings?! ;) xxxx


Definately , still got some,

VG is On Tractor duty , seems a bit quiet slacking a bit lol

Give her credit prob being a hero helping all cars that try their best to go wrk haha.....unless.... Her and gins are collecting chickens for next week ;-) x


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