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Good nite - or is it Good morning!

Well its 39 minutes past midnight and I am still up!!. Was out for a few hours and came home shattered although I only had a wander around a shop and went for a coffee and cake. Have been in my recliner ever since feeling so stiff and achey but waited up a little to speak to my Brother and his family from New Zealand on skype. Now I find myself past the tired stage so will find it very difficult to get off to sleep.

Need to put the alarm on in the hope I get some sleep as I need to get the dinner on early in the morning. Yes thats right, I am cooking tomorrow, first time since Christmas so hope I remember how to do it!!. If fibrofog kicks in I may have a blockage and forget how to cook lol. Everything all bought ready prepared for complete ease.

Hope to catch up later on today to see how everyone is. Take care and sleep tight!.

Love Angela xx

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Morning angela lol.

I am never up this late, but due to me not being well i have used all my daily tablet allowance and it hasnt made the slightest bit if difference.

Hope your meal goes well tomorrow good luck lol.

hugs, kel xxx


morning not just me awake then ladies, mmmmm coffee and cake sounds nice. all have a gd sunday. lou x


No you are not alone this morning Lou. Off to bed very soon now tho as feeling a bit tired so hope I can get off to sleep. I often go to sleep when the rest of my neighbours are getting up for work lol. No wonder I am always knackered!!.

Hope you have a good day tomorrow too. Take Care Angela x


lol you are not alone but my pc is in dining room and i do try to keep upstair si dont want to start laying on the sofa to sleep lol but i was awke at 2 3.10 and got p at 4.27 am lol oh well never mind things can only get better cant they love to you diddle x


Hope you have all been getting better sleep, my normal routine is to be up 2/3 times in the night and like you Diddle I dont go downstairs but try and stay in bed and rest even if I dont sleep.

Hope you all had a good Easter. My meal went okay but the sheer effort of cooking shattered me afterwards and I had to go and hve a lie down!!.

Take care everyone, Love Angela x


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