Is 61 years old to you?

Sometimes, when I see a doctor about some new symptom, I get told that I have to expect it at my age. I do try to explain that I was very agile and quite fit, BEFORE I went past 'Go' and collected Fibromyalgia and would not be 'average for my age' now if not for the Fibro. I need to know if Fibro is the culprit and NOT just have it ascribed to advancing years. I actually makes me reluctant to tell a doctor anything as if they put it down to age I get nowhere. I need to ensure it is just another symptom of Fibro not anything more sinister!

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  • Lol at go past go and collect fibromyalgia. Although it's not a bit funny is it. Good thing we can laugh.

    I hope 61 isn't old cos I'm 60 this year :( Think I'd look into changing my GP if he told me everything was down to my age.

  • me too! on all counts :)

  • Like :)

  • Ha! Ha! Sue1952!! How did you know it was a man! ;))

  • Errr, I'm away thinking about that one LOL :)

  • time to change your GP Dee my mum is 66 and also has fibro she gets all the support she needs from our GP you should tell your docter you know how old you are and if you thought it was age you would not be there to seeing him.

  • My 78 year old mother bounces around and takes the world head on. No way I could keep up with her (can't even walk that fast for a start lol!) I'm 46 btw.

    Agree with everyone else - new GP


    Spirit x x x

  • Thanks to you all for the messages.

    My own doctor is good and we have a 'working' relationship. We go through stuff together. Usually I've had to see other doctors when she is away (how selfish) and they either don't know or don't care about anything I say. Unfortunately, it IS usually men that tell me it's my age. I was told by one guy that my weight gain 'merely means you will become one of those old portly ladies'...

    Why don't computers have kill buttons?

    I am constanly amazed by the activities carried out by some more senior ladies. Last week, while visiting my son and his wife, we went to she the grandmother. We have birthdays just 1 day and 37 years apart. She was hugging the kids and bimbilling back and forth. I could have cried.

    Why? Because before we arrived at the house my bladder muscles had given way again.......... and by the time I'd made it to the loo (why DO men leave the seats up!!!) I'd dribbled on my pants. Humiliation or what!!!

    Then there's this old lady boucing around as if she'd had her baldder removed!!

    Perhaps that's what I'll go for rather than a face lift! I'd also like to donate breat tissue to those that want bigger boobs as I'm sick to death or knocking my boobs and jumping in to outer space at the pain.

    Well, I've proved the theory that there are 'grumpy old women' - At least that will satisfy my locum doctor!!!

  • Physio may help

  • I got told that maybe I was just getting 25! Okay, that's not 18, but come on!

  • Good grief, that is ridiculous!

    I can't even remember being 25 lol. :(

  • I can remember being 16! I used to throw my leg over a motorbike and travel miles! I used to stay out past 10.00pm with the thought 'might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb!' I wore clothes that were guarenteed to give me a cold in my kidneys or piles! That is what is so annoying about this whole fibro thing. I remember but that memory is now trapped in a body that does its own thing!!

    Help! I'm living in an alien body!!!!

    PS - where do you get your emoticons from?

  • Now I remember that better Dee cos those were the days when I was happy - BM. Before marriage :) I was still throwing my leg over a motorbike in my 40's I'm very pleased to say. Happy days with the bike too.

    I should have piles and cold in me kidney's too, Mum always used to tell me not to sit on the pavement or walls when I was hanging about with friends in the 60's. Even when I was married with kids, she used to say haven't you got a vest on!!!!!!??????

    Chorley taught me the emoticons happy face is : then ) but together. :)

  • You didn't do all that in Hampshire did you? I still ride. I have an adapted trike. Love of my life!! Old fella has a Harley so we ride together.

    Tried :) but it still comes out as a colon and bracket!! :0

  • Hey! it's magic! Cameout as a smile when I hit return! Brillaint :)

  • There you go then :) :)

  • We did our riding in Hertfordshire and surrounding counties. Dozens of bikers used to meet in Epping Forrest near where we lived on a Sunday and we'd set off in 'gangs'. Brilliant times. I'd never cock me leg over a bike these days :)

  • Sue you have me lol ing!!!! I used to be a biker but can't hold the damn thing up now! I do miss the freedom though.... xx

    ps if you want to wink its ; - ) all together comes out as :-)

  • Funny how us girls love bikes! I see bikers out on a Sunday and am sooo jealous!

    I shall try a wink then..... ;-)

  • Yaaaay!!

  • Oh ! I hope 61 is not old as I turn 61 in June.W hen I mentioned to my GP once that I was 60 he had to look at my records to see I was correct and he said I didn't look that old which was nice. He has never said my Fibro and the sympton I get was due to my age.

  • Hey! Fantastic!

    My experience has been that it is either the menopause or - if likely to be past that - your age.

    I wonder where 'growing pains' fit in to this as I suffered very badly with these from the age of about 7. Of course I was tall for a 7 year old.

    Doctors seem to like stating the bl**ding obvious!!

    PS - I would still like to add a smiley face :))

  • Thanks folks, memories, similar experiences and a smiley to end it all. Couldn't ask for more!!

  • I'm 62 this time, so I hope you are not old! I have actually been told the same things by a PREVIOUS GP! I was extremely active, working, taking dogs out, 3 kids and plenty of extras, was also a childminder, did all the decorating, gardening (inc allotment) etc, etc just like most women do and walked everywhere. suddenly not able to do anything or go anywhere alone and he said "why do you think you are depressed?"

    sleep tight all xxx

  • 61 is not old. Don;t they say that 60 is the new 40?

    My husband was 61 last year and he certainly wasn't old!

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