fibro fog or what!!

before xmas ,i saved £200 and put it in my tin in my bra drawer, i went to get it out some weeks later and it had gone, shocked i mentioned it to my partner,who immediately accused me of saying he must have took it,which i hasten to add i didn't,i just thought hemay have seen me put it elsewhere ,(although my brain said i had most definately put it in the tin!) ( so my partner took humbridge and went back in his cave after he stopped screaming at me) i searched everywhere and it never materialised so reluctantly i gave up,

a week ago my partner and i were talking about glasses, and i said how much i liked the kookai designer frames i bought about 10 years ago,and my partner pointed out i could actually have new lenses put in the old frames, so i went into my bedside drawer and got the case out opened it to get the glasses out and lo and behold! out falls the £200!!!

i am paying to see a rhemotologist in the next few weeks and it costs£180 privately so i found it at a good time,so god knows why i put the money there as the case has sat in my drawer unopened for 10 years!!! i blame fibro fog!! ( could have been worse could've been the dustbin i put it in!!!)

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  • aah its your brain fog but i get how your partner must have thought you were blaming werent but men are senstive souls arent they.

    glad you found the money it would have done my head in and i would have turned my place upside down to find it.good luck x

  • Lol so glad you found it.... My husband has been with me 16 years so is totally used to my brain fog ... Best/ worst thing I ever did ... Bought 2 pairs new trousers to replace old ones .. Took the old ones out of the wardrobe then promptly hung them back up and threw the new ones in the dustbin ... Found out my mistake AFTER the dustbins had been emptied....

  • Brain fog is rotten isn't it? I'm for ever forgetting where I put things - I try not to get too wound up - the vast majority of things are replaceable afterall.

    Julie xx

  • I have a big spiral notebook that I take with me everywhere. I write down the craziest things to remind me of the little things that just don't stay in my head any more. I tick things off as I go along, making notes of literally everything. I find the bigger things stay in my head better which doesn't make sense to me at all! I still write those down too!

    This is the only way I stay on top of all the things I need to do, family things too, appointments etc. My book is full of the house move and the million of things that need doing before we move next Friday!

    It's the only way I can manage with my foggyness! It still drives me nuts though!

  • Hi, so glad you found your money, its a lot to lose. Christmas is back on then? lol !! Losing things really drives me nuts. Ive always said "If you put things back where they "live", you always know where to find them next time". Doesnt always work when fibro fog pops up, which is all the time in my case!!xx

  • yes i know! i found the new toothpaste in the fridge the other day!! can't work that one out, i did put aa new bag of mushrooms in the fridge the same day ,so looks like my brain thought that the toothpaste needed to be in there too! it realy did make it "cool mint flavour"!!!

  • I discovered that by turning off plugs overnight I could save about 10 units of electricity a week, however if you turn the switch for your freezer off and don't realise what you've done for a couple of days, you waste around £50 of food - sigh. I would much rather find some money I'd forgotten about :)

  • ha ha ha, laughed at this one!! sorry about your food, though!

  • p.s no wonder the hamster looks worried when i take her out the cage for a cuddle she might be wondering where she will end up!!!

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