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Morning my lovlies, i hope you are all well today. I have been a busy bee apart from getting the kids to school and housework i have been trying to help on peoples posts and practising the faces that you all sent me last night :-)

I have just spilled my diet coke on my second top of the morning, yes if you must know,i missed my gob...unbelievable but true ;) i slopped coffee down the first!

Its got me i have already; slopped 2 drinks down me, bashed my pubic bone on the metal bedknob (dont ask!) dropped god knows how many things, fell over the dog and hit my top lip on a kitchen cupboard door handle as i was opening it. I am sooooo clumsy and i know its fibro as i cant judge distances very well at all now and it has progressively got worse over time. I am seriously thinking about my driving at the moment.

Does anyone here have the same problems? xx

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Oh Charli luv I think we all do it is a special sort of clumsy ness which comes with fibro. Good job we all manage to laugh at it isn't it or we would weep and that is not good for us at all. My I inherantly stumble over things that are not there. Fill the fridge with dry food and the freezer gets all sorts ketchup etc. I bump into the table edges swar at the animals it is usually me in their way. You are right judging space is very awkward. bumpsy daisy xgins


Yes! :(

I wear a big apron in the house - makes me look efficient, and keeps my clothes clean!

My daughter says "Mother, most of the kitchen- and the dinner -seems to be on the floor!"

I couldn't drive now to save my life, and if I have to walk down steps I have to hang on to something or I would go Ar** over t*t!

I was never the most physically co-ordinated person, but I have become very much worse since developing fibro.

It doesn't seem to have deteriorated much over the last five years - I suppose it stabilises in time, or maybe I'm just lucky!

Now, I just take thing steady. I'm slow around the house, but if I take my time I have fewer spills and many less accidents (apart from getting my leg stuck in the door yesterday!).

I think that's the secret - slow but sure!

Moffy x


Yes fibromyalgia has a lot to answer for!! Clumsiness is definitely one of my major symptoms --- I am forever dropping things and spilling things -- I never fill my cups too full because most of the contents will never make it as far as my mouth :) -- have even considered using a straw!!!! I also seem to have lots of scratches and bruises as I seem to bump into things frequently. I definitely can sympathise with my nephew who has dyspraxia. So you are certainly not alone :) xx


I am always walking into things too and my speciality is walking into door frames, i always have bruises on my arms and legs. My OH went out and bought me some really pretty melomine tumblers as i was always dropping glasses. Ive put steak in the dishwasher and turned it on, i put my sons football boots in the fridge and im constantly losing things, i can never remember where i put them down.

Phlebo, you mentioned that your nephew has dyspraxia, could you please tell me more about this? Does he struggle at school? Co-ordinatio? Clumsiness etc....its just that i am concerned about my 8 year old daughter. She has only just learnt how to ride her bike, she struggles so much with co-ordination and she writes things the wrong way round like numbers and certain letters. She is a majorette and she struggles with keeping in a straight line, left and right and many more things....thank you....Charlii xx


Hi Charlii Dyspraxia can be thees things but so can Dyslexia . Dyspraxia or peoe with it don't tend to have social Skills they say what they see . Sometimes. Inappropriately . If I had to explain it id say its like they are Old-fashioned naive . Usually very intelligent take a long time to learn things.

I worked with kids of all walks of life all my life an i know some adults with it they r very clever but its like they never grow up in the Social side of life. Best thing is to get them to mix with others their age and older join groups an stuf the majorette 's is brilliant lots of hand an eye coordination and mixing with others of her age .

My Nephew plays rugby He's not brilliant but it's not about being brilliant it's about played a game in joining in

Hope this helps kugagirl xx


I think dyspraxia is a lack of coordination and clumsiness. He finds it difficult to catch/ kick a ball and although he is very intelligent he really struggles to write ( his writing is really scruffy!) I think the writing numbers / letters the wrong way may possibly be dyslexia -- does she struggle with reading? Maybe you should ask her teacher if she has noticed this. You should maybe ask your doctor so she can see a specialist and she may get extra help. Hope this helps xx


i now drink my tea out of a plastic travel mug with a lid as i was always dropping or should i say throwing my mug. upside is i now can have hotter tea as i was only allowed to have it cooled down befor so i didnt burn myself.

my computer wasent very grateful when i shared my not so hot choclate with it and wouldnt work but luckily hubby managed to dry it out for medont know what id do without either hubby or laptop.and yes i too drop everything god knows how many things ive broke in the last many bruises ive had i think furniture moves just to get me or am i getting paranoid


Thanks phlebo for your reply. She is average for reading but her writing is a lot scruffier than her peers. She has always been so clumsy, its a faily joke now and so far this year weve had 3 visits to a+e, at the moment she has a broken collar bone from falling....again! xx


Make that 3 drinks ive spilt down me so far today, ive just missed my cake hole agai with a glass of liver salts. I have an upset tummy today and am starting to feel unwell, i am noving very slowly and gingerely. It must be going up and down the stairs to change my blooming tops lol! :D xx


Hi linlit and thanks for your reply. I am always knocking things over but i wont have any drinks near my laptop for that reason. Like you i dont know what i would do without my OH but im going to have to find out as hes moving to canada in 8 days to work so i wont see him for 3 months and then he has to go back and this is permament so im gonna have to manage! :( xx


OMG charli - I have exactly the same problem - if I can spill things I do, drop things for a pastime and bumping into things all the time. Friends say I'm a disaster waiting to happen hehe. Anyway I will go away and try to think of. Heath Robinson way of getting cup to mouth with the end result not ending in disaster........will let you know. I get on. Hehehe. Foggy x


Think we r all the same I'm begging ti realise that i have this an its not going away the more i read the more i relate . We are what we are , clumsy wobbly bobs with minds & hearts an a sense of humour ( witch id forgot i had ) i hope you don't have anymore accidents today an the one you do have heal fast .

But i have to confess i had to lol as this is just how i am at min :0) you got to Laugh or you would cry xx

Kugagirl xx


Yep my GP told me to stop driving nearly 5 years ago as my reaction time co ordination and neck made it impossible for me to drive safely ... At the time it was a big shock as I was the driver , but we have adapted and looking on the positive at the cost of petrol insurance etc I don't think we could afford a car if I could still drive

Yours thinking rather worryingly now about metal bedposts :o

VG x


Oh yes charlii! Some of my bruises are so permanent people are beginning to think they're tattoos! Someone should invent a fibro suit made of bubble wrap ;) x


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