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Just terrified myself! Decided to go to the shop...I remember that much...then suddenly I'm outside with no keys, it's pouring and blowing a gale and I can't remember how I got from the sofa outside. Mercifully I had my phone and called my husband.

Rather confusing...when I realised where I wa I was shaking quite a lot and very hot and sweaty. Very proud though that I didn't have a panic attack. Lucky too I had my crutches so I didn't flop over.

Hot cuppa needed when I stop shaking!

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oh dear what a day you had, but didn't you cope brilliantly , i expect that cuppa tasted the best one ever. take care on your adventures xx


Poor you, if that had happened to me I would have put a brandy in that tea.

Well done for having the phone on you.Some part of your brain must have been thinking.


Oh no! I hope you didn't have to wait too long to be let back in xx


Morning was it just a moment do you think or has this happened before Mrs C you poor thing a very scary experience that you handled very well! I bet that cuppa was marvelous gentle hugs (((())) xgns


bit of a scary cat experience.Too right should of a shot of medicine, the only one not on prescription,well done anyway,think twice next time,unless you want to keep hitting the bottle!ha ha,jacksiex


I often end up in places and wonder how the hell I got there. It is obvious I have got up, got washed and dressed and headed out for my bus, I have changed buses and when I get to my final destination I cannot recall anything previous to getting there, but it is obvious I have done it or I would notbe where I was. I really do find it scary but I will not tell my GP in case he thinks I am ready for the assylum! Like now for instance. I am dressed etc but I cannot remember anything prior to coming downstairs. I try not to think about it. But if it keeps happening to you it may be a good idea to see your GP xxxxx


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