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Latest update from phyiso

Well have been going now for around 22 months and yesterday my phyiso says that he's confident that I should not be using my power chair, now I don't know if he means full time or will need it if I go out for days outing but will clear that up tomorrow when I see him again as I go twice a week.

Also I've managed to get on a open university course for astronomy which is two year course so at last things are looking up , on a down side my shoulder keeps flaring up but with his exercise that he's shown me it soon calms down but I have to do this several times a day.


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Astronomy? That's wonderful - we shall be seeing you on TV with Prof Brian Cox and Dara O'Brean!

I'm sure that things are looking up for you, and I hope things continue to go well.

Moffy x


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