Update on my siistuation

Hy guys n gals well I now have 2 largish sists on my left breast and another 5 small spot sized one's am on a Stronger dose of antibiotics this will be my third lot 1 course for the first one that was on my chest between my breasts that has heald up well the second course for the fist sist on my breast now another load to try an get shot of aall of them and I hurt like hell they are really sore and its started to wear me down and I'm getting scared why am I getting these and why only on the left and the oldy but goody why me as if I don't have enough to put up with dear old fate throws another spanner in the works today my life sucks. Sith

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  • I hope you feel much better very soon xx

  • At a guess you are getting them because you are run down lets face it with Fibro it is difficult not to be. The liklihood of them indicating anything sinister is tinier than tiny.

    You need to make sure you are looking after yourself. eat well, lots of fruit and veg and multi-vits supplements and plenty of rest along with some gentle exercise.

    What does your doctor make of them? Has he swabbed a weeping one to see what particular bacteria is causing them so that you can get more targeted treatment?

    Hope the doctor can get them sorted out for you

    ((((( very gentle hugs )))))

    Julie xx

  • Well in the last few minutes an angry monster has appeared on my right hip - so tender and so much bruising around it already; I hate abscesses! Hopefully it will burst soon and I'll get some relief from it - haven't had anysleep yet and it is 5.10am :-(


  • These abscesses are horrid we wonder why and where we get no answers but every time we reckon it is the last time. Sandra I do hope yours are on the way out now I hoped you were nearly clear as you had not up dated for a while.

    I have this retched thing on my leg that seems endless in its curability I know our resistance is poor but ever the optimist would like them gone!

    gentle hugs (()) xgins

  • Oh sandra I am so sorry for you obviously you are being told what the problem is, but doesn't help the worrying and I am sure they are wearing you down which doesn't help the fibro. Fingers crossed these antibiotics work... Julie and gins fingers crossed for you both as well... I think you need to keep your leg raised gins... Couldn't you get you other half kneeling like a coffee table.......... And Julie get your OH on hot pack duty... You 3 all need pampering .. If your OHs don't agree show them this post...

    Hugs VG x

  • Thanks VG. I'll let BF know he has to keep my hip warm .... that will just give him ideas though ... and I feel as sexy as a wet lettuce!

    Julie xx

  • Hi Julie, I had 2 of those horrible cists/absesses on my right breast, one directly on top of the other. The pain was undiscribable other than agony. They couldn't even drain them to try get a sample they were solid. I was on those very strong anibiotics and was told even a single mouthful of alchol would put me in hospital. The side effects were horrible, but the pain was worse. It took 6 to 9 months for them to finally clear up.After about 2 months the antibiotics started to slowly thin down the goo inside and painful as it sounds and was i used to genly squeeze the nipple and expel whatever i could. ( best in a warm bath or after having placed a warm flannel over the brest for a few mins. ) Don't know if it has any bearing but. 20 years previous i had mastitus in the same breast. I have been clear now for 2 years. Be brave and keep taking the meds huni it will clear up eventually.

  • Hope you both feel better soon sending gentle hugs and hope you both get some relief soon x

  • Mine has been annoying all day - but nothing more. I'm a fibromite .... annoying is easy-peasy!

    Julie xx

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