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Well back in November last yr after going to see my dr , she was worried that as I spent most of my time in a powerchair getting about in the home putting weight on etc that she wanted me to learn to walk again as fibro should not leave me in a powerchair full time.

Well I've been going now since November and I can now say i can walk around the home with crutches and walk to and from the van , it takes time and hurts like hell but I can manage it , iand it leaves me knacard I always said I would like to walk my daughters down the aisle when they get married in the future.

My phyiso is a lad I used to knock about as a kid so when iam there the time flies and I enjoy going , so watch this space and hope next time iam on here the chair might be for sale lol.

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You go for it Whiterabbit well done, never know might be the marathon next year lol xx


well done ask yr doc for some accupuncture its good ,i got 4 sessions on


Thats Brilliant Well Done You :-)

tofty i had accupuncture about 6 sessions in all many years ago and they dident do any thing for me, i suppose what works for one person doesent always work for another ....... love and gentle hugs to you all :-) xxx


Great news.

I an starting hydrotherapy soon to try and stop my muscles wasting. I have a power chair too but walk around my flat after being awake for a while. I try not to use the chair at all while home, easier said sometimes. I could not have acupuncture either. My Rhumatologist who was also an acupuncturist said if you have too many fibro tender points it will aggravate the condition.

Best of luck


That's fantastic, well done you. Lou x


Big cheer for you what an achienvement for you and after all YOUYR hard work you are now starting to get mobile which is wonderful for you and all around you they must be so proud of you and you must be so proud of yourself well done you and youe deserve the gold star this week love to you diddle x


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