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gyne app update

to those that have been following me just an update had my appointment with a gyne specialist today this was to try and find out what is causeing my servere thigh pain after seeing several other people and being told differant things i have now been told today that my right overy is stuck down and that is what is causeing the pain ive been given 2 options take a mini pill to surpress the overy but it will 6/12months of putting up with the pain before i notice any difference or have op but she said could be risky so suggested the pill option and said would be better once menopause starts and every has shut down, zapain and mini pill it is then ,told her it was getting me down so she suggested i go on anti depressents ive coped this far il try and cope some more sorry if you think im waffleing or feeling sorry for myself il stop now take care all jo x

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Hi joed

Thank you so much for keeping us updated. It sounds like you could do with a really good pain killer whilst the mini pills does its work? (As long as it is not an addictive kind?). You have really suffered with this for a long time now, and I genuinely hope that this all works well for you. I will keep my fingers crossed that this solves the problem!

I want to wish you a very merry Christmas and a very happy pain free new year.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Thanks for the update. There is always something isn't there to top up our pain levels. I do hope that a pain killer will subdue your problem.

Gentle hugs Happy Christmas!



Hi Jo so sorry that you've had all this pain but delighted for you that you've found out the origin, I think I would have had the op. I've had numerous ops in my life for different things, more recently for arthritis, and thankfully I've been fine. I know everyone is different but unless you have breathing problems or other problems that would make an op dangerous, think about having the op, you would be pain free a lot quicker. I hope your gp isn't thinking about money, if she is that's not fair. I've been put under some kind of anaesthetic and had steroids injected into my hands, obviously not right under but enough for me to keep still, it was done the same as my other ops where they removed bones from each wrist ( not at the same time obviously ) and fixed my shoulders. What I mean is that I've had different kind of ops all to help me cope with awful pain, it's worth you thinking about yours!

I wish you as much pain free Christmas and 2015 as possible, take care,

Big Hugs

Susan xx


I went in hospital at 12.30 had my op to remove both my ovaries and falopian tubes and I was at home for 7o'clock same day hope best of luck x


I forgot to mention I am asthmatic and A diabetic xx


Your not whaffling, its just so hard to know what to do for the best.


You are not whaffling, all this is so confusing its hard to know what to do for the best. Take care


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