Hi everyone, I'd just like to say how much I miss the funnies that many people posted here until recently. I know we were getting more funnies than serious posts at times but they did a lot to lift my spirits in the mornings. We all need help and advice at times as dealing with fibro is an endless nightmare that we all have to cope with as best we can with a little help from our fibro friends, but the forum now is just an endless list of pain, pleas for help and advice, and complaints about the benefits system. We all have these almost overwhelming problems but what many of us lack is laughter in our lives. I don't understand why we can't all share our problems AND our funnies on the forum...we surely need to find some balance here. If people want to post funnies on the forum I think they should be allowed to and I wonder how other members feel about it :)

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  • Touchy subject!!! I love the laughter because it helps me through my day. Others would rather have advice. I do believe the administration is working on solving the problem. Mdaisy can tell you how to get in touch with the person I charge. I am personally staying out of it as I was one that posted the funnies. I do thank you for liking them and missing them. As of now we can only put one up a day. Like I said earlier they are working the problem.

  • I will see what I can post tomorrow!!!!

  • Hello

    Mdaisy, one of our administrators, has asked us not to discuss this subject on the open forum.

    If you go back over her posts you will see the explanation.

    I just thought I would mention this in case you hadn't seen it.


    Lu xx

  • Obviously I missed that one :)

  • Good morning andi-joy. Would love to comment but won't as if my Fibro Fog hasn't descended I have a feeling Mdaisy asked us in one of her posts to keep off the topic for a bit if we would. I believe the tech people are trying to work on an answer where all the Funny Posts can be together and the more Serious Stuff remains on the main bit of the forum so people can dip in and out according to mood and need. Not sure how they do these things as my tech knowledge is limited but fingers crossed they will find a way. Look forward to that day so everyone can have the best of both worlds.

    Notice Regnofibro has posted a cute funny just for you - enjoy. Soft fluffy hugs.x

  • Hi rosewine

    Can you see to the right of your screen "Topics" and a list underneath?

    I imagine the funnies would be put there. You would just click on one of the options and hey presto! 😊

    I believe one of the problems is that the site can't handle the pixilated size of the photographs. This means that if there were too many it could crash the site.

    Hope that helps


    Lu xx

  • Yes there must be a way of doing it if there were say two spaces in the titles when we post.

    One for where it should go e.g.Topics - Comedy, Creative etc and then the second could be the actual title of the post to give people an idea what will be in it e.g. Knitting or Funny Cats. If it isn't given a first title it could autmatically be sorted into the main body of the forum. Mind boggles but I am sure there must be a way around it.

    I know it is too much to ask the Volunteer Admin people to do it as they already have enough on their plate with doing what they do which is marvellous and dealing with their own illnesses.

    As I said fingers crossed they can sort everything so everyone is happy. We don't want to lose people as it is such a lovely, vibrant communityx

  • I'll look out for the funnies in the topics list. Thanks :)

  • Thanks for your answers, everyone. I don't see why this has to be a hushed up subject as it affects us all and we should be able to discuss it openly, but if that's what the powers that be want then I suppose that's the way it will be. I will go look at Regnofibro's cute funny now :)

  • Hi

    I totally agree with you. That was what I liked about this forum. I feel rubbish today in the middle of a flare up. Previously I could always count on the humour to lift my spirits.

    I know we have been asked to not discuss again - but what is the purpose of this forum? I fear that it is going the way of many others which make me feel that there is no hope.


  • Thank you for your comments. I understand that there may be technical problems with the funnies, but it seems very odd to me that we are being asked not to discuss it openly. When I wrote my first post this morning I had no idea I might be stirring up a hornet's nest. This is an open forum after all, or at least I thought it was :)

  • I have to agree with you again :-)

  • Dear All,

    The reason I asked for ALL the comments to go directly to Des Quinn our Vice Chair using the email: was because one morning I spent 3-4 hours solidly on the community answering queries on this subject. As I have Fibro too, volunteer as many hours as I can and the decision to limit to one picture per person had been made I was purely relaying this to the community.

    I understand everyone has many views but feel like my time here is best used to help answer queries & not spend time on this subject when FMAUK can be contacted so you can share your views directly.

    I hope you all understand this & please do feel free to discuss this if you wish as feedback but I can only refer you to Des - Vice Chair, Fibromyalgia Action UK

    Best Wishes

    Emma :)

    Community Coordinator

  • Thanks for clarifying things, Emma. I imagine you have your hands full as a volunteer as well as dealing with your own problems. I think you're doing a grand job :)

  • Thank You Andi-joy appreciate that :)

  • Everything in moderation. Even funnies. This is a support forum after all. Humour plays a part in coping but it's not the whole picture. Says he who was trying to get the comedy corner count up!

  • And very much appreciated it was too Badger. As you say I believe we can have both. Often we read an emotional post and can, hopefully, give a helpful suggestion or just a bit of support. Then have a giggle at one of the funnies, balances thing out a bit. Thanks to you and the others for the humour, hugs Linda x

  • the funnies cheer me up and make me smile, it's just a break from the serious stuff which by the way is also very useful xx

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