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hi this is my first blog

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I've been a member for a few weeks now, but this the first time that i've contributed. I've enjoyed reading about other peoples symtoms and experiences, its been of a great comfort knowing that i am not alone.

I'm 40 this year and first started getting pains when i was 10,but my health has gone really down hill.

Today i am in so much pain feel really down, really want to take more pain killers but i've had my quota so far. Counting down the mins to 3 so i can pop more pills, i know that it wont take the pain away but i just need some resbite.

Hope that you are all having a better day than me.

xxxx sharon

11 Replies

Hey Sharon, nice to meet you. Sorry to hear your having a tough day with the pain, hope you get some resbite soon.

I know what it feels like waiting for the clock, its just one big merry go round of med taking, some days with little relief :(

I am having an okish, (just made my own word up lol) day pain wise. But oh the fatigue is really bad today, hard struggling to keep my eye. oh the joys of fibro (not) take care. Look forward to chatting soon

Lou x

doh - that should say , - I am struggling to keep my eyes open .

Sorry have to forgive think im sleep typing lol x x

hi and a very warm welcome to you lol you make yourself sound like a naughtyu little girl that you have been on here but only now dared to put on a blog like a little girl peeping in on the playground but doesnt know weather to come and platy !!!! ha ha

well we are all friendly on here so glad you came to play it is a lovelt site and am sure you will find alot of comfort help and advive on here you take care and dont worry we all the same with the meds yep i waiting til 3 pm too lol love diddle x

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Thankyou Lou-C and diddle for your warm welcome, and your right diddle i did sound a bit like a naughty school girl lol!! What I don't understand about the meds is how come I take enough to down an elephant but i'm still in agony!!! aw well twenty mins and counting!!!


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Hi Sharon, its nice to meet you, i really do feel for you, the pain of it all, your not alone here, sending love and hugs, Susie.x

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sharonissexy in reply to susie59

thankyou for your nice message susie59 i really appreciate it xxx Sharon

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well i had my 3pm pills went to bed for 3 hours now just counting down the mins again but this time till 7!!! lol xxxSharon

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Hi Sharon, lovely to meet you. Sorry to hear you are in so much pain today and hope you feel better soon. Love Angela xx

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sharonissexy in reply to Ang01

thank you so much hope this finds you well.

xxx Sharon

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Hi sharon, its lovely to meet you. :)

I love this site, i just couldnt do without it, i hope you enjoy it just as much as i do.

hugs, kel xxxx

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Hi Sharon

It's nice to meet you. I'm reading your blog a bit late, so I hope your having a better day today. I too know what it's like to clock-watch for the next dose of meds!

This really is a great group, and we can all understand and sympathise with what you're going through. I hope you find us a friendly bunch and helpful too.


Carolanne. x

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