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not again

having spent yesterday with my fibro flair up ,stiffness ,tired , top it off my bad ankle pain started again very serva couldnt put weight on it , felt numb ,

so off to hospital again , all dope up with my painkillers ,still no affect ,

score pain was 10 . . got to hospital at 7.00pm it was packed , had to use my cructhes, as no wheel chair in sight ,

evently called in at . .i was that much in pain doc decided to give me auramorph .,as nothing they could do not even strap it up . good stuff best sleep iv had in ages with out pain ,

freind got to go pick up some more for me today so hears county no pain even from fibro but still all over my body is very stiff , .

still waiting on MRI know so it could be ,cartlige,tendons, allso got post trumatic arthrities , ,and fibro setting the pain off ,got told few incs more i would not have a foot ..

good news settled into flat , getting a soicail worker know for help .and get carrers in to .

all have a goodday and pain free soft hugs , x

tinkerbell .

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Glad you ha e found something that helps with the pain... It's great news about the flat the social,worker and the careers ... Lets hope things carry on getting better for you now you are getting things sorted

VG x


Hi Tinkerbell,

Have fun in your new home - i hope you manage to get it furnished and decorated as you want it - it will help you to feel more optimistic.

I'm glad you found the Oramorph helpful, it's so good for severe acute pain, but hopefully your trouble will be easier once you have had some more investigations!

Moffy x


thankyou for all your responce , but my new home is still missing a fridge and cooker , but hopefully get help from soical servies , this afternoon feeloing a bit spaced out so off to bed soon , x


I have oramorph also that I use for emergencies when the pain is really bad like yours is now. It will be worth asking your gp for some on your prescription, so that you don't have to wait hours,at a&e next time. Mine does tend to go out of date before I finish it as it has to be used up within 4 months of opening.

Hopefully social services can help with the care side of what you need. Any advice, let me know as this is my area of expertise.

It's a pity that the government has stopped the community care grants a couple of weeks ago as you could have applied for one for a cooker and fridge as this is what the grant was intended for, essential items. As you have access to internet, it maybe worth going onto your local site of, where people list items they no longer need and cookers, etc come on when people have new kitchens with integrated appliances. Failing that there may be local charities that could help you.

Enjoy your new home and I hope you feel better soon x


I am 70 this year and my doctor prescribes me with tramadol and zomorph and tells me these have to be cut down and actually called me a junkie. I have had fibromyalgia for 3 years now. She refuses to send me to the pain clinic yet I am often in terrible pain and can't get out of bed. Her answer to that is 'well then that is because you are addicted to pain killers and they won't work', so what can I do to get proper help :( x


My gp said to me that people like us are wanting so much to get better, this stops us getting addicted. I know that an article was out a couple of months ago, saying that more people are having painkillers and gp's are to cut back. I think we had a link on here.

I would again ask for a pain management referral or to a rheumatology referral. They could try and sort your medication out. This should make your gp think that you know what you are talking about and that you want your pain to be managed. I had my first rheumy appt last November and he has changed my meds about. Through this your gp will have to go by what they recommend. I still take tramadol still and Pregabalin, although this does not work for everyone. The rheumy was very thorough in tests to rule out anything else too.

If your gp refuses, try to see another one in the practice. I know from others on here that they have even written to the practice manager. Other than that think about another gp practice.


thank you for your advice. My doctor has said she has been told by the BMA to cut down on pain killers for fibromyalgia. I really don't believe her and I will ask again to be referred to a pain clinic. If she won't help then I know I must change doctors but I am worried in case I get a worse doctor. The trouble with the doctor I have at the moment, is she is on her own, she doesn't belong to a health clinic, so I can't ask to see another doctor.


morning jom

thankyou for ur reply i have got to see doc today and will ask for it ,allso hospital advised to go to pain clinci at hospital ,

iv tryed to get a grant but got turned down allso i appealed to ,but not sucess ,

i go on freecyle every day to look for things but no joy at moment ,

if socail servies call today will tell them how hard it is day today , , and cant manage with out a fridge ,and allso cant get out due to my bad mobilty problems ,so will need them to get intouch with a charty for help ..

can you tell me if theres help for a break away with my son as never had a holiday since i became ill and disabled ,

i suffer with depression and anxsity to ,. .

as things are still getting me down ,



ps was awake at 5 am again this morning . all stiff and hurting


I don't know if social services have charitable information as yet. We used to refer people for community care grants, which only stopped a couple of weeks ago. Have you put a wanted on freecycle site.

Is your son under the age of 16? If not does he still live with you and help you with daily living? If so you may be able to get respite care but this depends on your care needs.

If you are having difficulty getting to the shops, you should be able get assistance with this if you have help with personal care.


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