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oh fizz :-(

she took turn for worse today due to infection, so they had to put a drip back in and shes doped up again till at least friday.

as the bill is going to be running into thousands, ive been contacting charities for recommeneded by my vets.

to my discuss im not eleigible due to being on esa and not jobseekers or income support!!

there is no way i can afford £3500 at the least, so i phoned the vets, i rather snobby finance lady who i was put through to, informed me that if i didnt pay, i would have to sign ownership of the "animal" over to the vets!!!!

after that i am still liable for the bill!!!!?

anyone any advice?? shes my baby x :-(

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Start a giving page and ask for donations, or put a notice on face book . Are you not getting Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit ? Go to your local paper and ask them to help ?

That's all I can think of unless you can sweet talk the vet or ask if you can pay in instalments.

Poor Fizz and poor you , it's worry enough that she's so poorly, you don't need all this on top.




yes im getting both, but apparantly that doesnt count for much!!

pdsa would of paid all if id phoned them before id took her to my vets and took her to one of theres im thinking of that when im carrying my cat in one arm and her inards in the other!!!! i was so upset with the woman on the phone!!!! and rspca can help with a £15 voucher!!

aaaaargh xxx


That's terrible Nadine . I thought PDSA could help if you were on HB , but I didn't know that only applies to their own vets .

I'd say contact your local paper , people may help out .

Your vet doesn't sound very caring either .




I cant belive PDSA would'nt help whats it matter what vet treats a sick animal of cause no one thinks about that when they have a very badly injured pet that need urgent care. I'm just gobsmacked. I would deffinetly contact local paper for help and tell them what the PDSA told you. soft hugs to you and Fizz. Marg xx


Hi Nadine. There is a site called that you could look at. Its a kind of list of charities that can help with all sorts of problems. You basically put in your details and what you want and it searches for charities that can help you. You have to contact them yourself but ive found it a great comprehensive list. Im really sorry if im not allowed to put this up here. I just hope it helps!

Love and gentle hugs

Chilli xxx


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