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Oh supercali-fragile-istic, specially atrocious

I dunno why but I have the blooming song from Mary Poppins going round in my head WTH?

Anyway that's my explaining out of the way - on with the blog. Another blog on this site has prompted me to write more of a blog-style summary of my rather stressful week and I am planning to write a book soon so this will be good practice.

(Just a little note to say that If this post is too long for you, rather than leaving negative feedback, just don't bother reading it thanks! Fibro is stressful and awful enough without knocking back a person's self-esteem because you don't like what they wrote or thought it wasn't topical)

I should have known on Sunday night when I was curling my hair and accidentally grabbed the tongs what kind of week lay ahead for me. After plunging my poor burned fingers under cold water for 2 minutes (I timed it with the oven timer - also useful for running baths etc) I decided I was going to 'think positive' and just get on with things. I was already nervous because I was going back to work the next day after a 2 months absence. I got a nice classy outfit together, so as to make an entrance and went to bed, ready for whatever the following day had to bring. Could I sleep? Could I heck - not a wink, the sandman did not want to call at this address on that particular night. I finally managed to nod off briefly at roughly the time I should be getting up grr! I dragged myself out of the pit, shovelled the slap on and donned my new togs: ruffle-collared pin-striped shirt, knee-length designer skirt, knee length victorian boots (all in black), black cardi, little fur-trimmed jacket and with my butterflies doing somersaults in my tummy, off I set - or so I thought. I got to the doctor's only to discover that he had not put a return date on my 'fit-note', so after all the planning and worrying, I couldn't even go to work - so I went to ASDA instead! I was at least the best-dressed person in there!

I went back home and had a nap then went to see Jerry the pony. I think he was pleased to see me but couldn't really tell as he was engrossed in his grub. At least I saw some lovely people, including my good friend who has been looking after him. II gave 12 quid to Norma who was getting the wormers in, another 5 that I owed for a sponsored ride and suddenly my purse was empty! My fibro was beginning to play up by then because of the accumulation of stress and driving. I got home and gave myself reiki then took my meds and went to bed. Success I managed a substantial amount of ZZZZs.

Tuesday - I finally went into work, enjoyed the attention from my colleagues, was having a fairly good day, then had my 'back to work' interview and after a nice long chat about changes at work etc etc, how I was only coming in for a couple of hours the first day, 3 hours the rest of the week, 4 and 5 hours next week etc etc, she dropped the bombshell: "We are thinking of moving you into stage 2 sickness!" I pointed out that has I had been pushed into having the operation by management, I did not think this was fair, she said, 'Oh we can discuss this at the review meeting". I felt sick and dizzy at this point. It is unfair, I had an accident, I've not been off with the flu! I'm still waiting to hear from my Union rep. Anyway my review meeting was going to be the 30th November, but I've since heard that it will be the 5 December - oh what a Christmas present - joy and goodwill to all men unless they are ill!

I left at 3 having been at work a couple of hours looking forward to a nice relaxing evening at home, boy was I ever wrong! My Bengal kitten, in her infinite wisdom decided that mummy's diclofenac was a tasty treat and when I accidentally dropped one, she gobbled it up. The rest of the week went by in a blur of: chase kitty round the house, try make kitty sick - fail to make kitty sick, ring vets, panic, take kitty to vets, vets panic, go home, go back to vets to take kitty to overnight vets, pay lots of money, ring vets several times a day, 2 anxious nights and 2 bottles of red wine. Finally hear kitty is ok, take other kitten for his post-neuter check - he's given all-clear, go and collect other kitty, call in at Sainsbury's for nice food, get home and R.E.L.A.X.

No wonder today I am exhausted. My bad shoulder is killing me, the rest of me aches in sympathy, I have no energy. I got up at 2.30, I am still in PJs - so sue me! I said I'd 'get dressed' to take OH to ASDA, in reality, this consisted of long cardi and coat over my pjs with knee length boots! I stayed in the car, parked near the loading bay as everybody else does, glaring at all the people who parked in the disabled spot just cos it was closer and clearly didn't have badges. I AM disabled but I don't have a blue badge so I do not park in marked bays!

We watched some weird animated film about post-apocalyptic robot rag-dolls (try saying that several times) and now we are worrying about Khaleesi because she won't eat - although this could be because the Zantac tastes so icky (we ended up wearing half of the last dose) will ring the vets again if she is still off her food tomorrow.

Acheivements this week:

Going back to work

Going to see Jerry

Buying two Christmas presents

Getting car tax

Met new neighbour from noisy house next door (young girl, seems nice apologised for noise)

Arranged building repairs

Impressed people at work with spreadsheet skills


Poorly kitty

Failed to move all the stuff from the walls ready for re-wiring

Didn't go see Jerry today

Looming sickness review

Dare not check bank balance!

Feel like I've been run over by a double decker bus

Tomorrow I plan to go and see Jerry and maybe even sit on him! I might go and meet the neighbour's kids so I can put faces to the screams!

PS can you tell I've been reading Adrien Mole lol

Storm x

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Wow hectic no wonder your sore honey and i do like your second paragraph, i just don't understand why people have to be negative..... like the old saying goes " if haven't got something nice to say then don't say anything at all" it's not hard is it.

I hope Khaleesi ( i too watch " Game of Thrones" ) love the name. I hope you hear what you want at impending meeting xxxx


I read the blog and enjoyed it,,,, ;) glad you explained Jerry was a pony before you mentioned sitting on him, love Adrian Mole have all the books and Gins and I have been Mary Poppins and nanny McPhee today so your blog theme fits right in,,,,,

have a great weekend if you can

VG x


Oh dear now I am singing Supercalifragelisticexpealidocious too! ;)

Very good read, thanks Storm! :) xxx


what a week , we love reading about each others lives and if it was all totally fibro related it wouldn't be a true picture. i am reading Cathy Kelly but can't remember which one lol. i reckon your achievements list is impressive and your other list is work in progress.take care xx


Haha VG yes Jerry is a fat, lazy lump of pure black fell pony and when I figure out how to get pictures on here I'll post a pic of him. Glad you enjoyed my blog :-) I had Nanny McFee but lent it to my mum and it was ne'er seen again!

Rachie I felt like I'd done a whole week by Tuesdsy evening. I named kitty after a beautiful strong woman because she was is a snow Bengal with blue eyes and flecks of gold marble. Her fur is so soft and silky - it also stopped OH from naming her after some blooming super hero or comic book character. Also as a baby she got sick and she certainly seems to be a fighter. New series of GoT in the NY!

Storm (not named after the X-men character)


Wow! What a week! Made me feel tired reading about it so it must have been exhausting to be living it.

I stupidly allowed my son to pick the name for our cat - his "final offer" of Marley was the only one out of a huge list of suggestions I could live with! Having said that I call him Boo most of the time as one of his favourite games is to hide in dark places and to jump out and scare the living daylights out me! LOL

I'd love to see a photo of Jerry and your kitties too once you've figured out how to do it. I hope your little Bengal starts eating soon. I had planned a quiet day for myself yesterday as I'm still recovering from my London trip on Thursday, but then I was dragged out of bed by a friend who's cat needed to go to the vets. She lives in an outlying village and couldn't get hold of anyone else with a car. Good job we got him to the vets when we did as he's seriously ill. Waiting now for my friend to ring with an update.

Wishing you a better week to come. xxx


What a fantastic blog Storm I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I'm due back to work after what will have been 2 months off, but my lot are really good. I'm going to see Occupational Health on Tuesday. i love your list of achievements - what an excellent idea, I think we focus on the negatives a bit too much sometimes, which is perfectly understandable given this horrible illness. I will list my achievements from last week, but not list all the negatives:

Sewed four aprons (one sold) - one style without a pattern proving my brain does work occasionaly

Sorted out a guitar teacher for OH

Took my car to garage for minor repairs (which involved walking home and back down to garage to collect car - about 1.5 miles in total)

Attended fibro support group

Attended camera club Thursday evening

Remembered to take father-in-laws prescription to chemist when he was away

Looking back, it seems like I achieved quite a lot last week. Starting tomorrow I'm going to make an effort to note all things I manage to do and totally ignore the things I haven't LOL. Gentle hugs to everyone. xx


Fleurmp (how on earth do you pronounce that lol) it sounds like you had an equally busy week and you achieved a lot there! I hope your return to work is a positive experience.

Lindylaine I hope your friend's kitty is ok too! We managed to get Khaleesi (Squeeky) to eat last night and kept her in with us all night. We have put off the building work for a couple of days - luckily Trevor is a mate so he's understanding about it!

I'm up and dressed and going to pick up my friend to see Jerry so that's progress from yesterday!


I really enjoyed reading this even if I did have to keep standing up lol. I have been busy wearing myself out but I will blog that lol xxxxx


Why did you have to keep standing up? I don't recall putting subliminal messages in my blog and if I did it would be 'sleep' a bit like Derren Brown but without bank-robbing, post apocalyptic zombie madness and waking up in Marakesh lol

Addition to achievements: sat on me 'orse (even though it was only for 5 minutes whilst he was tied up munching his grub lol

Storm x


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