haven't taken my dogs out this morning going to go to A&E.i can tell from their behavior they know something is not right..i still have the cough ,a tightening of my throat esp at front and have recently lost weight(firstly back In sept ).my DR did prescribe antibiotics which helped but not cured and I couldn't get to see a DR yesterday.also I felt quite drained after walking them


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  • Good luck hope all goes well with you xgins

  • Dogs are very sensitive to the feelings of their owners, aren't they? They seem to know straight away if you are feeling upset or ill.

    I hope your trip to A&E is helpful, you shouldn't have too long a wait, as the queues don't start building up until after lunch on Saturdays with all the sports injuries and kids who have fallen off stuff while playing!

    Take care, and let us know how you get on.

    Moffy x

  • Good idea to go to a&e make sure you mention every symptom ... And hope you get some joy from them

    VG x

  • thanks guys

    I was going to go to A&E at hospital 60 miles away but my neighbour said go to local hospital.

    went to local infirmary-it turned out it was my own GP that was covering the hospital this morning.had to wait til 10.30 before he came round to see me.said my chest was fine and that I had no swelling In any glands in my neck.did ask if I thought symptoms were fibromyalgia-said i thought it could be something more ie lupus cos of colour of my skin and rash on face

    the said he would see my in 2 weeks to chat about issues and concerns I have.

  • What bad luck to get your own GP ..... Is the rash on your face new ... I don't remember you mentioning that before.... It's such a shame the nearest a&e is so far away.... If you feel worse in the next two weeks don't wait but get yourself back up to your local hospital when you know your own GP will be in his surgery so at least you will get a second opinion

    VG x

  • hello VG

    it did say that doctors from the surgery cover the hospital and did the ward rounds but I didn't think that happened any more.the rash is fairly new /I read that a butterfly shaped rash on face is a symptom of lupus.not saying I have that.

    I sat and wrote down any questions-quite a long list- I want to ask and concerns I have.cant see a 10 minute appt will be long enough??

    my appt came through today to see consultant re gallstones its in may so don't know how long will have to wait for op.


  • You should be able to ask for a double appt time Anbuma x

  • unfortunately the surgery don't allow patients to book double appts.

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