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Well I was trying to be cheerful

Well , was trying to be cheerful

but i really have a pain

like someones sawing through my leg

and stomping in my brain.

My big toe joint is throbbing

my fingers joining in

my mind has gone all fuzzy

and each letter has a twin.

Another day has gone to pot

and best laid plans are spoiled.

I think I'll have a cup of tea

the kettle has just boiled.

Ensconce myself in comfy chair

With beverage and pills

and talk to you lot on the net

about my nuisance ills.

I know that you all understand

It happens to you too

but sharing it is half the fight

this fibro stuff is poo.

So sisters, brothers all of you

I raise my caffiene drink

say cheers and keep on trucking

hope tomorrow

you're in the pink.

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I know the last bit does not scan but I have bees in my head and can't consentrate hard enough to do the ending justice.


Loved it :-)




what fun thanks for the smile:) xgins


Excellent - more please! :D

Moffy x


Glad ya'll liked it!!! Will get to work.


Wonderful, you really are talented with poetry. It does brighten our days. Look forward to the next one !!


this is sooo good - thanxxxx


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