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trying to be positive but failing badly!!!

really bad flare up and my poor dad who i rely on for doing school runs etc when im bad has got gout in his knee so as im single mum i just have to carry on!!!

im soo down and having as many meds to control the pain as i saftley can just to carry on!

i want to do something as fed up watching tv but just cant move without extreme pain, got it especially bad in neck and shoulders so even small movements hurt :-( sorry to feel sorry for myself!!

im so proud and happy to have my children but feel guilty they missing out cos of my illnesses.

if it wasnt for my carer twice week i honestly think i would have gone under by now.

sorry for moan but thanks being there/listening xx

love and hugs to all xxx

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hay you are quite entitled to feel sorry for yourself we all at times you dont have to feel guilty for it . i know how you feel it is hard being a single mum but i was one before fibro so i just talking about being just ill so god knows how you all cope with kids and fibro a my girls are 25 and 19 only one at honme and at work all the time . so i do feel for you

please make sure you take your meds safely and dont be tempted to take extra and always check that it is ok to mix different things with your gp i would hate for you to be ill over the wrong meds on top of fibro . at least its the weekend coming so you wont have school run but they will be at home it is double edged sword isnt it

anyway you takecare and hope to chat later love diddle x


its sooooooooooooo tough, Ive always been one that never gives in to anything, Ive walked with 2 broken ankles, run myslef ragged for yrs but this illness has me beat, all we can do is nurture ourselves


If you cant get things off your chest amongst friends who understand, where can you have a good bout of feeling sorry for yourself, always makes me feel better, :-)


thats the thing about being on here, at home with my family Im still trying to be strong, but inside Im bricking it, I think we re all the same we re frightened , alone,yes you can be alone even in a room full of people, no one understands unless theyve got it, on this sight Ive cried Ive laughed and thanks to Diddle Ive eaten cake, its good to be amongst people who truly know how I feel


I understand how you feel sweetheart, just posted about feeling the same myself. All I can do is send you massive gentle hugs x take care xx


big hugs to you too xxxx


Hi nadine,

I too feel like you today. :)

I have had to drag myself upto school for a good work assembly and it was torture, but like you i feel my kids miss out so i try my hardest to see them do stuff.

I get up with the kids and 5 days out of 7 i go to bed with them just so i can cope with them the next day.

I am so sick of fibro trying to rule my life.

Sending you a big hug hun, kel xxxxx


Hi Nadine,

you moan away hun.

Im a single mum and although my kids are grown up now i had years of feeling guilty not giving them enough time as i had this for years.

We are all friends here and understand and its tough having this alone without the added stress of children.

Try to have some relaxation time for yourself even if just half an hour.

Thinking of you

kia x


It must be really tough for your Nadine, difficult enough bringing up children on your own never mind dealing with fibro on top. Glad to hear your father is supporting you, he must be in pain today cos gout is really painful too.

I bet your children bring you so much happiness although they are a lot of hard work too, still, bet you wouldn't have it any other way. I dont have children myself but love it when my friends come over with theirs. They make me forget about my problems for a while and we have fun. Not quite the same I know cos at least I can give them back.

Keep your chin up and lets hope tomorrow is a much better day for you Take care, Love Angela xx


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