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On a lighter note...........How did the tradition of putting a fairy on top of the Christmas tree start?

I so enjoyed reading pinkpig99's lovely poem yesterday (or was it the day before?... the days all run into one another!) that I was thinking about it, while I was lying in bed wide awake, and I was reminded of a joke I was told a few years ago.

Now I must warn all of you that I was never very good at remembering or telling jokes even before being diagnosed with FMS so, I hear you all say to yourselves, "This doesn't bode well!"


Father Christmas was having a very bad day and was beginning to get very bad tempered. The elves were trying to be helpful but everything they did seemed to put Father Christmas into an even worse mood. One of the elves suggested that they call on a few fairies to come and help, as he thought that their gentle spirits would soothe Father Christmas' frazzled nerves. A few of them gathered around and started gently helping with things, which made the elves feel better but which did nothing to alleviate Father Christmas' bad mood.

The bravest of the little fairies got hold of one of the Christmas trees and sweetly asked Father Christmas where she should put it, to which he replied. "You can shove it up your a**e!

From that day on all the little fairies have dutifully taken up their place on top of all the Christmas trees all over the world!

Love and hugs

Saskia XX

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Rofl sounds just like my OH when he gets flustered doing jobs

Thanks for the laugh

VG x


Haha! Made me chuckle! Thanks for sharing that with us all Saskia! :)

(((hug))) xxx



Oh that made me chuckle thanks saskia, glad I stayed on here x x x

Of now chuckling merrily x x x


hahahaha that's funny. Thanks for making me laugh :D


Glad it gave you all a laugh. It has made me smile thinking of you all chuckling. Wish we could all be in the same room laughing together, as it can be so infectious.

Have a good evening.

Night night, Saskia XX


Laughter and giggling is the best therapy Saskia! :) xxx


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