home carer started today x

shes very nice and has started today! ive managed to get rid kids for the morning so she wont be bombarded on her first visit!!

its nice to finally have some help cleaning, laundry, food prep and keeping my hair clean!!

dont be afraid to ask for help, i was, and now wish id asked sooner!!

love to all xx

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  • Ah that's brilliant Nadine, so pleased for you love.

    Enjoy. xxxx

  • I hope it goes well for you nadine. :)

    kel xxx

  • thanks sue and kel, just nice that if anyone pops over i have a clean house!!! xx

  • I have my mother in law on her way now for a cuppa and i was goning to rush around and tidy up but i really cant so it looks like i will just have to say, 'dont mind this house' again lol

    Its embarrasing isnt it.

    kel xxx

  • great news, is your carer allowed to clean as well, Ive been told mine cant, but as ive been a carer we always did,Im hoping to get direct payments after a few months of social services prviding a carer

  • yes the main reason she here is to housework, and help me shower/wash hair, prepare food, etc xx

  • Boy I wish i had someone to help, i was thinking of hiring a cleaner once a week out of my own pocket just so i could take the stress of myself.

    Glad you got help though nadine. xx

  • thanks hun, if you can afford it do it!!! xx

  • Well done Nadine really pleased for you it will make such a difference to you I am sure quite envious lol!!!! looking at your profile I think you deserve the help with all you have going on.

    Take care Hugs Ruby xx

  • thanku, its definantly a reassurance knowing that for a couple hours twice a week, i can rely on someone to help xx

  • thats great you make sure you let her do her job not like my nanny bless when she had a home help years ago she would go round and clean her place before lady got there lol love to you diddle x

  • i did make sure it was tidy lol but no i didnt clean!! she even made me cup tea and said she can always stay on longer if i fancied some company, bless her!! her neice is in my daughters class at school but she promised not to say out as confidential, she only lives 5 mins away as well xx

  • lol my nanny does that :)

    glad you got some help hun must be lovely xxx

  • nanny as grandma or nanny as nanny lol?? i dont have any grandparents alive regrettably (miss them heaps)!

    take care hun xx

  • yes my nanny as in relative my dads mum lol ,

    i ment she cleans before her cleaner comes ,which sort of defeats the object lol

  • if anyone is wondering where to start asking for help, i contacted adult social services, got an ot appointment and when she visited me, i asked her what help i can get and she took it from there!

    i also get help once a month with gardening.

    please ask for help guys if you need it, its out there!!!

    hugs and love to all xxxx

  • Thanks for the info Nadine, will do something about it tomorrow xxx

  • how did it go hun? did you phone? xx

  • thanks jules, its amazing that a little help can make you feel so much better xx

  • Thats brilliant! Hope it makes things a lot easier for you xxxxx

  • same here i contacted adult social care, OT reablement then social worker came out, their there to support my family and I not to take over

  • glad that you have got some help & made you feel a lot better

  • thanks christine its given me a psychological boost i really needed xx

  • Hi Nadine, Its great to hear you got some help from your council. I have also been assessed but still awaiting care funding. The social workers are having such a hard time understanding this illness. I need help bathing and I find a soak with bath salts helps my pain (not for long but its lovely at the time). I pay for my own carer right now and its so worth it. I can go outside, to a shop with support, I can have a bath and get dressed properly. All the things I cant do normally. It makes me feel a bit normal again and is worth the cost. Enjoy your lovely carer. I think they are angels. XX

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