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Forthcoming marriage

Forthcoming marriage

Hi guys,

I'm in serious mode today for a change. I am getting married next month, which at my age is a great surprise to me, and rather a shock for my family, but they are happy for me.

I have some Saudi neighbours who have adopted me as a sort of 'English Mum' and they have introduced me to an old friend of theirs - a widower - who wishes to marry me!

I am somewhat swept off my feet, because he's wealthy and well educated,and very charming as well!

We shall spend time between his business interests in London, and his main home in Dubai. He also has homes in Nice and Rome.

I shall still be with you all regularly, thanks to the internet!

My eldest son is very worried, he's afraid I'll have to convert to Islam, but I don't think Rashid will expect that of me, as he is not very religious himself. We shall have a traditional Saudi wedding as well as a conventional, more low-key English 'do' at Claridges. Imagine little me at Claridges - I've never even set foot inside such a posh place!

I am setting off for London tomorrow to spend enormous amounts (to me, anyway) on my trousseau. Rashid is very generous, and has provided me with a chauffeur and an assistant to help me with my shopping, so I won't have to exert myself. He suffers from arthritis himself and understands about my fibro!

So there you have it, two older people seeking happiness in their declining years! What could be better, other than a good April Fools Day joke, which in case you hadn't spotted it - this is!

I'm still available for any wealthy man, Saudi or not, who should wish to take on a crabby old woman with creaky joints and an attitude problem!

Loves you all anyway!

Moffy x :D

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Will send my neighbour 3 doors down ..he drives a mobility scooter so he will understand all about your arthritis... Unfortunately if you think you have an attitude you ain't seen nothing yet..., we can hear him shouting at his neighbours reguarly

Yours trying desperately to offload him onto Moffy..

VG x :)


I too will send my next door neighbours "man"............. He's bow legged and tight as a tight tight thing which is tight, but you will make such a welcome change for him from the revolting only concern is that he may not be monogamous but I'm sure you can turn that around. Wishing you all the best, I wondered why our church bells suddenly started ringing half an hour ago (and that is the truth.....much better than out home team who are rubbish !). They must have heard you good news and taken it seriously, let all the bells peel out thought the countryside for Moffy and her Man. :D :D :D All the best with whichever man you end up with. Foggy x


I was reading this and thinking how lovely, and how nice these two people have found each other there is hope for us all haha , thanks for the smile :)


How lovely for you, wishing you the very best for your forthcoming wedding. Love always finds a way x


Oh and there was me about to wish you all the best and future happiness to you both and so on.....I feel quite disappointed !


Well, you never know, Daphne - any of us could meet the man of our dreams tomorrow, but there are very few who could meet my high expectations, and if they did they sure as ninepence wouldn't want me.

I'm 64, and find that men around my age are either unbelievably decrepit, or if reasonably well- preserved they want to date women in their twenties. Who can blame them, if they can get away with it!

I shall content myself with waiting for an elusive millionaire who appreciates crotchety old girls like me! :D



I really thought you were serious and was oohing and aahing as I read this. Oh well


My leg is now in agony from the pulling brill loved it


Shall we pull the other one, Blossom, then you'll match both sides! Heheh! :D


I was thinking how how wonderful lol keep dreamimg ladymoth my mum in law met a diamond merchant at 70 and had a wonderful life with him until she passed


Oh moffy how could you?!

Had a bubble over my head, you in a bit of Vera Wang and your intended all in white

And wearing sunglasses.

Almost thought there would be a camel outside claridges with just married and tin cans

Tied to his tail!!

All very funny though.

Claridges is very overrated anyway.(well so they tell me)0

Feel a Suebo I had a dream etc song coming on!!!


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