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I have a hot date tomorrow - lunch with a very nice gent I met in the library.

I am very nervous because he doesn't know I have fibro and rheumatoid arthritis.

The couple of times we have briefly met, I have been tanked up with Tramadol, and managing to walk pretty well. I am terrified that if we sit at the lunch table, I shall 'freeze' when I try to get up, and be unable to move.

When I'm with people I know, I just laugh these things off, off, but I don't know this man very well. He's also drop-dead gorgeous, and I think I'm punching well above my weight!

I am tempted to call and make excuses not to go, but I do enjoy his friendship.

Please God, let me have a make-over during the night. Please sort out my wonky knees, please smooth and thicken my frizzy hair, please even-out my rabbity front teeth, and if you can manage it - make me look a bit more like Angelina Jolie.

Is that asking too much? Yep - guess so!

I think I'm too old for this dating lark - I feel like a nervous teenager. Ah well, I shall have to be brave and not be too disappointed when he gives me the bum's rush!

If you hear a loud banging sound coming from the Southampton direction, it's my knees knocking (NOT what you lot were thinking. Honestly- you have got such dirty minds!)

Yours desperately ...Moffy x

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Hi Moffy,

Loving the Bridget Jones pic !!!

Even if you do seem a little stiff with your joints he won't be looking or worrying about it anyway. I am sure he'll be looking at you lovely smiley face and warming to your great personality & kindness.

Sending you all the best , his name is not Daniel Cleaver so you'll be fine !!!



Well he must like what he saw and heard to ask you to join him for lunch and if you do freeze , just gently swoon into his arms.... Don't assume he will be disappointed .....ok he may not have fibro or arthritis...... but he may be impotent or have a third nipple , though I don't advise asking about such things over lunch.....

Good luck and enjoy yourself

VG xxx


So laughing her right now, asking about his 'nubbin' aka third nipple may not be the best course of action , he he . Good point made by VG he may very well be thinking the same about an ailment he has.

Enjoy , VG you have me in stitches !


Thank you, I just hope I haven't put moffy off her date now.... At least If her mind is full of nipples she won't be worrying about herself hopefully


Just love BJ. But why on earth are you worrying. The only things he does not know about are nothing to worry about. If it bothers you that much tell him and take it from there. Say maybe something along these lines 'if I freeze up and appear to not be able to move then it because I cannot take my eyes off you', sorry could not resist that Moffy. But if it helps you, tell him in conversation whilst waiting for yor food etc. I know I would, but I have the feeling you are not going to get the bums rush as you put it, he obviously likes what he sees so I honestly do not see a problem. Have fun, enjoy every minute of it and savour it xxxxx


Oh my just realised BJ meant Bridget jones..... Goes to wash mind out with bar of soap.. I wondered why you were sharing such things over the forum Ozzygirl... So sorry..

Blushes and beats a hasty retreat.

VG x


You are all very sweet!

Promise I'll do my best and let you know what happens. I shall definitely ask him over dessert if he's impotent, or has any physical deformities!

I love your advice, Ozzygirl, telling him I can't move because I can't take my eyes off him. Must try that!

Knee-knockingly ... Moffy x


Lol Moffy. For me you are a brave lady. I have been with hubby for 26 years now and I know if ever I had to revisit the dating scene I would be terrified too. But I am not sure I would bother, not because of my own health but because of my daughters. If we lost her dad we would be royally screwed and her health takes up most of my time now so without him it would fall to me 24/7, thinking of it that way I would have no time for dating. I would have to buy hunk calendars instead lol. Lin<<<<<<<waits with bated breath to hear about the date xxxxx


Hi Moffy and haha

I think you should just be 'you' and like the pic and the comments the way you say things is just how you should be as litttle things in us shine to those attracted to us.

in a library ? lol he read you like a book hehe.

i would worry more of going to loo and having your skirt tucked in your knickers rther than how you wobble. or a blast of wind passing through the air .

BJ - Beautiful job , blow me jo, bridget jones,

am sure things will come out in conversation if you are asked any questions let it go ohh natural. he may have issues himself and may feel the same way.

i send a sprinkle of Good luck and let it flow

wishing you a happy date a new start to the new year who knows hmmm xxxxxxx

lots of love moffy

caroline xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


have a lovely time relax and enjoy

love bethx


I would be up front about your conditions. He obviously wants to get to know you better an like it or not the conditions are part of the package. it would be too awful if you hid them and are jilted later because either you were not up front or they were too much to cope with


Good luck x


Oh wow x how exciting xxx enjoy every minute. Whether

your knee knock or not just remember he'll be nervous too. Xxx


I live in Stubbington, between park gate and Fareham, and I can hear a slight knock from here! Lol xxx don't u worry, but ex left me at 39, when I was 42 I met a wonderful man thro the Internet, I didn't tell him I was ill, he joked about the minute I saw him I would run off, I laughed and said I doubted I would be able to run ..... When we met for a blind date he wasn't even bothered by my stick, that had been a turn off for a few men I met, we r still together nearly 2 years on, and we r engaged, although I am not ready to get married for a while yet (after 2 divorces, I feel very worried that my condition will scare him off too, deep down I know it won't) .... Now u go and have a fab time, let us know how u get on xxxx


Awwwww Moffy know just how you feel Hun,I would be exactly the same.Youre bound to be nervous. I know this is rich coming from me but don't put too much pressure on yourself. It's not like a blind date off the Internet you already know what each other looks like in real life and he obviously wants to get to know you. Is it tonight your going? Perhaps just look at it as a friendship thing with no pressure and see where it goes.

Ali xxx


I don't know about medical disclosure on 1st date. if you can't get up you can laugh about it. maybe say you stiffen up after sitting. See how you feel. It's not as if you'd say about other health conditions - "oh yes I avoid fresh orange juice - gives me cystitis and often gives me the runs, enjoy your meal!" lol

just relax and be yourself.



So lovingly put Sandra lol. I love that last bit because.........I avoid fresh orange juice for just that reason lol xxxxx


well, how did it go?


Same, Bridget Jones Episode 2??? Please !


just because we have fibro does means we should just give up ladymoth .....I was in the same boat 2 years ago ............... . and we still together, And we live together now so I was glad I made myself go on the date..... Mark was serviceing my washing machine and I ask him out lol....And \I did tell him about my fibro....... So you go girl

soft hugs Debbie x


Hey Moffy, where's the update?! Can't wait to hear about what happened, did you discover anything untoward about Mr Mystery?! Did you wear big pants just to be on the safe side like Bridget Jones, I hope you didn't discuss lingerie on a first date though! :O ;)

Seriously, joking apart, I hope it went really well for you. You are a very special lady.

(((hug))) xxx



Nothing wrong with big pants except the price of them! They really do do wonders ( I'm guessing they do anyway - how would I know....) ;) xx


Lol I know cos I is nosy am sent moffy a pm but my lips are sealed .......for once

VG x


Hmmmm Libs is wondering what it would take to bribe VG lol! ;) :P

Hey Moffy, spill the beans please. :) xxxx


Hey Hun I totally know how you feel- very brave I hope you went and didn't put it off - you deserve happiness xxxx


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