at last

at last

could not find creative corner category to post this.finally got there after spending most of this afternoon trying to get it straight in the frame.not quite 100% but best I could do.not quite how I wanted it to be.intended to have the writing at the bottom of the goal but I added the figures as an afterthought and didnt leave myself enough space/also goal should have been slightly shorter.

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  • seeing it posted it looks ok.they always look better from a distance.i also had to backstitch the goal frame and figures to make them stand out more

  • i am impressed and sure it looks good close to as well.

  • Hi,

    Looks great and I can see a lot of work has gone into doing it. My mum used to do cross stitch and I always thought how much patience she had. I have some lovely ones. I think you should be really pleased with yourself. Figures look good and perspective is spot on :)

    Pip xx

  • Thanks guys.gave it to him this afternoon.think he was quite chuffed with it

  • I think that it looks amazing, you should be really please with how it turned out. You are really good at this sort of thing.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • I think you have done really well and if the person receiving it loves it you are spot on 100 per cent. Are you going to have a rest now or have you got another project in mind?

  • just finishing a "dog" blanket made from knitted squares.if im allowed to mention Battersea Dogs Home ,its their design and they ask the blankets to be sent to them .I have just had an idea for my next project and cant post a pic here but will write a new post,if I stitch it then its going to be a long slow process cos of hands.

  • I am sure the rescue dogs will appreciate their blanket as I am sure many of the poor things have never had anything nice to sleep on. My friend years back did a little cross stitch picture of my dog and I always treasured it. It doesn;t matter how long your project takes as long as you enjoy doing it.x

  • hi rosewine.several years ago i stitched a pic of my neighbours dog who is golden coloured cross breed and although it looked her the colours werent true.

  • Fortunately, for her my dog was literally black which made life easier. I often think the paler the animal the more awkward it is to get the colours right.

  • Someone will be pleased.

  • I'm not sure.I started some knitting a while ago and I found an unfinished Paddington bear toy I the back of my my hands are bad I don't want to take on a large project.I've always wanted to do cross stitches of my dogs but would take me forever,plus it is not a cheap hobby anymore.materials work out expensive.

  • When someone goes to the trouble that you have with your framed cross stitch picture it makes it a very personal gift, and that makes it special. We can all go out and buy something can,t we but it will never be loved as much as your picture.

  • Thank you lucindajethol.I have made many as presents over the years and they have always been appreciated except one.I once stitched a large zodiac PIC for my so called sister and a few years later found it stuffed at the bottom of her wardrobe.that made me so angry as I and put a lot of effort into it and it was a kit which weren't cheap to buy and cost of the frame so I packed it in my suitcase and it now has pride of place on my dining room wall.

  • This was for my neighbours son.she has three children and i have stitched them a personalised PIC for each of them. Their mum was pleased as they have unusual names and can't buy things with their names on unless they are hand made.its not often children appreciate such things in this day of expensive toys and computer games.

  • Wonderful work.

  • thank you

  • I make monkeys and disco bead jewellery something to do when can't run around :( Your pic is great x

  • thank you

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