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Happy Easter to Everyone, what did everyone do??

Sorry its late but Happy Easter to Everyone. I just wished my Easter was good but I'm full of pain and back and to to hospital.

My dad was rushed to hospital nearly 3 weeks ago with a chronic kidney disease and dehydration. He getting better but his mind is going. So at the moment I'm back and to to hospital.

Also I'm in pain with my back (I suffer Degenerative Disc Disease.) I've upped my Gabapentin but they aren't working so I've gone down to my 3 x 400 mg a day. I'm also suffering dizzy spells, I nearly fell over. I'm feeling really light headed but I'm eating ok, my hands are swollen and I keep getting a pain just below my ribs on the left hand side.

I'm slowly falling apart. The pain I'm suffering is awful, I already suffer from nerve damage.

Sorry for waffling but I'm in pain now.

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You are in my prayers😊


Poor you having to go back and forth to the hospital and the worry can't be helping your pain as any kind of stress can make fibro worse. I found with my Pregablin that I could only stand a certain dose as I really felt fuzzy and lightheaded. If I have a flare and do take extra tablets I never drive on those days.

Your Dad might seem confused as anything to do with the kidneys not working often affects a person that way. I do hope he comes out of hospital soon so you can relax a bit more. The swollen hands must be making life doubly difficult for you. Try and get a bit of rest you are in my thoughts.x

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sorry about your dad my dad looked like he was loosing his mind in hospital , but in the end it was the medication he was taking,, i don't know how your managing with so much pain your in , makes me want to cry for you,can't say chin up ,,,tomorrow is another day ,,,,,next day will be better. Just our luck it not ,,,,,,sorry but if we don't try to laugh just a little I think we would all give in ,,best of luck any ways suzey X


Sorry you are having such a bad time of it at the moment, and with the added stress of your dad being poorly it cannot be easy for you to rest up.

Try and take a little time out, you are important too.

Perhaps you could to speak to your doctor about your latest symptoms?



Hi Bentleyboo

I am so genuinely sorry to read about both yourself and your dad being so poorly. I want to sincerely wish you both all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself my friend.

I spent an hour in my greenhouse today planting my tomatoes in grow bags and the same with my melons plants and some others.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi Bentleyboo , Sorry you have been in pain..hope it eases.I can TOTALLY relate to your dad and Im so very so very sorry.May God be with your family.Im not on like I use to be but if you need someone to chat with that gets it , you can PM me. Take care. Peck 🐤


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