Funny Pain

Hi to all, I went to see my wife yesterday with 3 year old grandson. He climbed on the bed to give his nana a hug.

He looked at me, pointed his finger in the air, and with a serious face said to me "you sit there grandad, and be a good boy". I fellof the chair laughing, and hurt my arm. He looked over the side of the bed, then looked over his shoulder to his nana and said " he's fine nana", then looks back down to me and says "its ok grandad i'll get the doctor". Laughter is the best medicine, but not when you fall off the bloody chair when your grandson gives his orders. Hug to all

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  • What a lovely story Mark! He sounds like a real treasure, and I bet he cheered your wife up! Like you say, laughter really IS the best medicine. Made me laugh too, thanks for sharing, hugs, Julie xxx

  • Oh!!! He realy is a treasure, he's very inteligent for his age. He cracks me up sometimes, it's the things he would say or do, he's a grandads boy, like my second shadow. Love him to bits. Hug to you too, will let you know of any more of his daft things xxx

  • Hi markdt

    Thank you so much for that I am having trouble typing because I cannot stop laughing! The things children say? Hope your arm isn't too badly hurt?

    I genuinely hope that your wife is as well as she possibly can be? You take care my friend and please keep us all up to date with how you are all getting on.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Glad it brought a little laughter, it's what is needed. You take care

  • lovely story, grand children are a delight, so innocent at that age.

  • He wears me out sometimes, he's too energetic, and never stops shouting for grandad to play games or paint pictures, or runs off with my tablet to play his games

  • just got to read this (internet down) it is fantastic, I love the things come out with. My granddaughter is not even 2 yet and some of the things she would do has me in stitches. Hope your arm is better now and you didn't need that doctor! :)

  • My arm is fine thank's, the laughing kept pain away. Sometimes he's too energetic for me to keep up with, and he never shuts up. Love him to bits though. You take care, keep smiling.

  • Bet you wouldn't change him though, and with kids around how can you not keep smiling. I would send you some spare energy, but you know I think I may need it all myself ;) I have grandchild number 2 on the way in July so will definitely be run off my feet.... Can't wait. Take care, from one doting grandparent to another :) (energy sent in separate parcel :p)

  • Your right, i would never change for the world. Happy to hear you have another grandchild on the way, think of all the funny pain you'll get, i think you should hang on to all the energy you can. Good luck, keep me posted, and take care

  • Aw :)

    Children can be such tinkers can't they LOL I'm glad you had fun though and that the day was brighter for you. I am sending you some fluffies to help heal the arm and a basket of fluffies for your wife to help promote healiing too.

    Wishing you both wellness

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • He's an absolute charmer, he never stops smiling, or talking. I will pass on the fluffies to my wife, that should cheer her up, you tak care xxx mark

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